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April 13, 2016 Meeting minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                               APRIL 13, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Town of Winter Board of
Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman David
Kinsley.  Present were board members Ronald Barnaby and Terry
Patenaude, clerk treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 16 audience members. 
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, Chairman Kinsley welcomed

Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve the agenda as
presented, motion carried.

Chairman Kinsley asked if there were any questions from the audience,
there were none.

Motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the meeting minutes
from the March 9, 2016 regular meeting and the March 24, 2016 special
meeting, motion carried.

License / Zoning:    A 3 year conditional use permit was presented for
renewal for Donald and Marcella Thompson, for the gravel pit known as
the Bumble Bee Road pit. 15 letters were sent to the surrounding
property owners, 10 were returned with only one who was opposed
stating concerns that it may be harmful to the environment, ground
water, soil and air quality.  All board members are familiar with the
pit and operations, motion by Barnaby, second by  Patenaude to approve
the 3 year conditional use permit for Donald and Marcella Thompson for
the pit known as the Bumble Bee Road Pit, motion carried.

Highway / Road Report:   Chairman Kinsley stated that at our special
meeting on March 24th, he thought we could transport the grader and
dozer with our own equipment, however when Lori and Gary looked into
the DOT permit to transport, we found out we were actually short 1
axel on the truck and the trailer to be able to transport into the
State of Minnesota.  We had to hire Chippewa Valley Equipment of
Ladysmith to do the transport for us, the cost was $1150.00, the bill
was just received today and is not included on our disbursements. 
Chairman Kinsley added that he did not mean to mislead anyone on this.
 The crew has been servicing equipment; Gary has been scratching some
roads to help them to dry out.  Blacktop patching has been done on
Lake Winter Road.  David Martin will be off a few days for personal
reasons.  Supervisor Patenaude asked if the crew could get out and
sweep the intersections for motorcycle riders.  Chairman Kinsley
stated possibly next week when David Martin is back and said he would
mention it to them and advised Supervisor Patenaude that maybe it
would be a good idea if he stopped at the shop and mentioned it to
them.  Supervisor Patenaude agreed.  Supervisor Patenaude asked if
they are working on a list of roads for work this summer.  Chairman
Kinsley replied he and Dave Martin have discussed it and he hopes to
have a list by the annual meeting.  

Unfinished Business:    Discuss and act on Loretta Trail Blazers
request to open Johnson Road for ATV use.  Chairman Kinsley explained
this was discussed in January, at that time it was denied not just for
safety issues but because the list of property owners who wanted the
road open lacked signatures to verify their request.  Since then a
group of people have gone out and obtained the signatures from the
property owners on Johnson road who are in favor of opening the road
for ATV use and have provided those signatures to our board in a book
format.  It appears by the number of signatures that the majority of
the property owners are in favor of opening Johnson road for ATV use. 
Chairman Kinsley asked if there was anyone in the audience that had
anything to add to this.  Audience member David Schiotz stated he did
want to clarify one thing and asked if he could read it and that it be
made part of the record.  David read a “Motion for position of
Neutrality” as follows:
On this 19th Day of March, 2016, the Connors Lake, Lake of the Pines
Voluntary Lake Association (COPAPI) Board of Directors voted to take a
position of neutrality regarding the Johnson Road ATV/UTV situation. 
This issue is strictly between the Johnson Road property owners and
does not involve the Lake Association in any way.  We do not condone
any individual using his/her membership on the COPAPI Board to further
their personal position on an issue.  David stated this was passed by
the board and provides evidence that the Lake Association did not have
anything else to do with this.

Chairman Kinsley stated he felt they have presented things pretty well
in this booklet, they will still remain at 10 mph speed limit near
homes, they will be responsible for signing it and hopefully will use
enough signs to detour any ATV traffic from W onto Johnson Road. 
Chairman Kinsley added he knows they will do everything to the best of
their ability to do this.  Motion by Patenaude, second by Kinsley to
approve opening Johnson Road for ATV use, Supervisor Barnaby was
opposed to this motion, motion carried.  Chairman Kinsley added that
we still want to see safety measures exercised in all situations with
ATV use on town roads.  

New Business:  Tuscobia Trails ATV Club, discuss and act on amendments
to ordinances with time periods for ATV use on Town roads.  In review
of the ordinances for roads open for ATV use, it was discovered that
there are a number of these ordinances that had time limits and were
only open during certain months of the year.   As time passed when
other roads were opened the ordinances did not include time
restrictions which has now become problematic for the public to
determine which are and are not open and when.    Dan Johnson
representing the Tuscobia Trails ATV was present and stated they would
like to see all roads open for ATV use to be opened all year round as
there are 3 connecting trails ATVs use that are open year round. 
Village of Winter Streets are open and the Rusk County trail is open
year round and with some of the Town roads NOT open it makes it
difficult for people coming from Rusk County as they cannot get onto
our trails because ours are closed.  It was mentioned that the
Tuscobia Trail is open year round except for November and December
because of deer hunting season.   The board was in favor of an
amendment to eliminate time restrictions on those roads and allow them
to be open year round for ATV use.   Motion by Patenaude, second by
Barnaby to be uniform with other roads to eliminate the seasonal time
limits and make all roads open for ATV use to be open year round,
motion carried.  

Discuss and Act on opening River Road as an ATV route.  Bob Grunseth
from Hawkins Area wheeler club was present and explained that there is
a portion of River Road  at the north end of the road that extends
from Rusk County into Sawyer County in the Town of Winter
approximately 250’.  In an effort for ATVs to get to the public
facilities at Hervas Landing this part of the road would need to be
open to ATV use.  Mr. Grunseth provided information that included a
letter from the Town of Cedar Rapids approving River Road for ATV use
up to where it meets with that part of the road that lies in the Town
of Winter and maps of the area.  Mr. Grunseth requested that the Town
of Winter open that portion of the road for ATV/UTV use.    Chairman
Kinsley stated he’d spoken with Jim Halvorson at the Flambeau River
State forest for his opinion on this and Jim had no issue with it.
Chairman Kinsley stated this is not a Town road on our DOT map and
asked Supervisor Barnaby if he ever remembers doing anything on that
road, Ron replied never.  Mr. Grunseth stated that the Town of Cedar
Rapids has always maintained it.  Chairman Kinsley stated in his
opinion if Cedar Rapids gave their blessing on opening it he wouldn’t
have an issue with opening it.  Supervisor Patenaude and Barnaby
agreed.   Discussion took place on whether this should be an ordinance
or just a letter of approval.  It was decided to produce a letter of
approval to open that portion of road for ATV use and send it to the
Town of Cedar Rapids Township.  Motion by Chairman Kinsley to approve
that portion of the River Road for ATV use and provide the Town of
Cedar Rapids a letter of the Town of Winters approval to open that
portion of River Road that lies in the Town of Winter for ATV/UTV use,
second by Patenaude, motion carried.

Discuss and Act on Mowing Proposals for the town hall, little league
field and boat landings.
Sealed proposals were opened, the first from MC Disposal Matt Cecil
and included a certificate of liability insurance, proposing a charge
of $130.00 each mowing/trimming.  Supervisor Patenaude asked if that
was for everything we need mowed, Chairman Kinsley replied yes.  The
second proposal was from J & R Landscaping; it did not include a
certificate of insurance but listed his insurance carrier as Rural
Insurance.  J & R is requesting a single year annual contract or a 3
year contract, 1 year contract is $2200.00 and a 3 year contract is
$2000.00 per year, also requesting  1/3 down upon acceptance, 1/3 on
August 1st and 1/3 on October 1.  Ron Rudnicki owner of J & R
Landscaping was in the audience and asked to speak on his proposal; 
stating it would be 12 to 14 times a year for mowing, using the
$2000.00 per year (3 yr contract)  at 14 mowing’s it would equal
$142.00 per mowing, annual contract price would be $157.00 per mowing.
 Supervisor Patenaude asked if this includes trimming too, Chairman
Kinsley read the proposal, it does include mowing and trimming, both
proposals stated the same.  Chairman Kinsley asked Supervisor Barnaby
his thoughts, he replied for the 1 year contract it would equal out to
17 mowing’s at the $130.00 charge, so it appears the better price for
the Town would be Cecil in his opinion.  Chairman Kinsley stated he
would like to stay with one year as our circumstances could change if
we have another Experienced Works worker using our own equipment, but
for now we are looking to get through this season.  Motion by Barnaby
to accept/approve Cecil’s mowing/trimming proposal at $130.00 each
time, second by Kinsley, motion carried.  Chairman Kinsley thanked Ron
Rudnicki for submitting his proposal, Ron added that by using a cost
per mowing it is at the discretion of the person how many times he
will mow and it could be more than quoted and is the reason why he
does a contract price. If it requires more mowing you still pay the
contract price and his included trimming too which he noticed last
year under the bleachers it got kind of wild.  Chairman Kinsley stated
the mowing season does slow down after little league is done and that
both proposals did include trimming too.  Supervisor Barnaby added
that the town does have some input on when we would like mowing done. 
Ron Rudnicki stated he respected what they did and thanked them.

Discuss and act on July Jubilee support funds from 2015 and 2016. 
Chairman Kinsley verified that both supervisors had reviewed the
letter and stated he does not know why they had not requested the
funds last year as it was in our budget.  Chairman Kinsley stated this
is an event  the entire community attends, not just the town people
and asked if the board was in favor of giving both years support
dollars.  Supervisor Barnaby stated since they had gone in the hole
last year he would be in favor of giving both years funds.  Chairman
Kinsley added that not having last years funds most likely was part of
the reason they had gone in the hole and asked for a motion on this. 
Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve giving the support
funds from 2015 and 2016 to the July Jubilee, motion carried.  

Discuss and act on Winter Little League request for support funds. 
Matt Greuel representing the Little League was in the audience and
mentioned they appreciate the support and stated they always have
equipment to replace.  Chairman Kinsley asked how the numbers are
looking for teams.  Matt stated they had just enough for two teams and
Exeland will be in their league this year too.  Matt also stated they
are always looking for coaches.  Chairman Kinsley asked Matt if they
are soliciting donations from the Village of Winter and Town of Ojibwa
too.  Matt replied they have cans out, Chairman Kinsley stated in his
opinion since there are kids involved from those other municipalities
perhaps they should be approached too.  Motion by Patenaude, second by
Barnaby to approve release of the budgeted support funds to the Winter
Little League, motion carried.

Correspondence / Contacts:  Chairman Kinsley stated the Town received
a letter from the Lakes Alliance stating their members are no longer
able to install and remove the buoys on Lake Winter and asked the Town
to take over.  Chairman Kinsley stated he understood the Town should
be responsible for this as they mark two concrete piers below the
water from the old bridge.  Chairman Kinsley has lined someone up to
take care of this as soon as the lake water levels out.  A brochure
from Antczak Construction was received to keep them in mind with our
gravel crushing projects.  

We received approval of our grant for the West Lane culvert project
from Jim Halvorson, the only stipulation is it can’t begin until after
July 1st for the next fiscal year. This project is replacing the
culvert on Deer creek, blacktop and patch work.  The new boom/mower
head arrived on Monday.

Approval of Disbursements:  There were no questions related to the
disbursements, motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve the
disbursements as presented, motion carried.

Board Concerns:  Chairman Kinsley stated he understood the County Road
bans will come off on Monday the 18th and asked the board their
opinions on this if we should do the same.  Supervisor Barnaby stated
we may want to consult with our crew since they have been out on the
roads.  An audience member asked if anyone had been down on West Lane
and reported it is still quite rough, Chairman Kinsley suggested maybe
we wait another week the board agreed.  Supervisor Patenaude said he
would like it added to next month’s agenda hiring a third member for
our town crew.  Chairman Kinsley suggested he bring this up at the
annual meeting next week, Supervisor Patenaude agreed.

Next meeting date was set for May 11, 2016.  Motion by Patenaude,
second by Kinsley to adjourn, motion carried, meeting was adjourned.

                          Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                          April 20, 2016


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