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April 21, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes


ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES                                          APRIL
21, 2015

The Annual Meeting of the Town of Winter was called to order at 7:00
p.m. by Chairman David Kinsley, present were board member Ronald
Barnaby newly elected board member Terry Patenaude, clerk- treasurer
Lori Van Winkle, audience members Helen Dennis, Bud and Claudia
Wagner, Kurt Swedberg, Howard Pelot, Mike Gehrke, Vi Fuse, Scott and
Patti Vaverka and from CliftonLarsonAllen Auditing firm Brandon
Willger, auditor.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Chairman
Kinsley welcomed everyone.

A motion was made by audience member Helen Dennis, second by audience
member Mike Gehrke to approve the 2014 annual meeting minutes as
presented, motion carried.

Newly elected board member Terry Patenaude was sworn into office,
congratulated and took his position with the board at the table.

Helen Dennis outgoing board member was asked to come forward, Chairman
Kinsley announced that on behalf of the Town Board and the Town of
Winter citizens we would like to present Helen with this appreciation
award for her services for the past 6 years, she was presented a
plaque for her years of dedicated service to the town.  

Chairman Kinsley turned the meeting over to Auditor Brandon Willger to
review the 2014 Town of Winter audit report.  Brandon thanked Lori for
all her hard work preparing for the audit and for making it go as
smoothly as possible.  Brandon stated he will go through the financial
statements and if anyone has any questions at any time to feel free to
stop him at that time and that he would also answer questions after
his presentation.  Brandon began the presentation of the audit stating
this is an Independent Audit Report and then outlined the purpose of
the audit. He stated auditors go through and test all financial
information within this document and all the financial records of the
town to verify it is presented fairly and in accordance with financial
standards.  Brandon stated that audit procedures allow them to opine
on the financial statements, which basically means they state if the
financial statements of the Town are within conformity standards or if
they are not within conformity standards.  Brandon stated in this case
for the Town of Winter, we have given an unmodified opinion which is
the HIGHEST opinion you can receive in the reporting world, and added
a comment of kudos to the Town on this.  Brandon then did a thorough
page by page review of the financial statements explaining each page. 
Brandon stated page 19 is considered the most meaningful page of the
report as itís a line by line report of how the Town did for the year.
 From an auditing view, the Towns year-end balance of $196,000.00 is
within the 25% recommended balance based on the total expenditures for
the year and is where the Town will want to be for the year.  Chairman
Kinsley asked Brandon if the town is financial healthy and Brandon
replied yes.  There were no questions from the audience.  The board
thanked Brandon for coming.

Chairman Kinsley turned the floor over to the audience.  Vi Fuse had
questions related to a recent newspaper article regarding local or
county enforcement of zoning issues.  Vi left a copy of the article
with the board for further review, it appeared it was geared more
toward camping and  campers and were proposed changes at this time,
further discussion took place and the town will look into it further.

Mike Gehrke, stated he was a former EMT and asked questions regarding
the discussions of constructing a new ambulance station in Ojibwa and
stated he is not in favor of this for several reasons.  Board member
Ronald Barnaby responded that at a meeting at the Fire Department
about 10 days ago;  a group from the county were very impressed with
the building and thought perhaps there could be some type of
renovations done for the EMTís to actually stay there.  Ron stated he
feels we as a board need to be as encouraging as we can to make that
happen for our residents here in Winter.   Board member Terry
Patenaude stated that the nice thing about this is there is a property
right behind the fire hall of 2 acres that the bank owns that they
will let go really cheap and also the old Carlson house that is being
foreclosed on and the County could purchase these and they would not
have to live in them, but they would be there.  Mike Gehrke replied he
felt this would still be inappropriate. There was lengthy other
discussion regarding it.

Chairman Kinsley asked the audience what their thoughts are on the
Town discontinuing snow plowing of driveways.  Mike Gehrke commented
that the majority of the residents here are elderly and probably rely
on the town for this service and they do pay their fair share of
taxes.  Mike was asked if the Town should continue or discontinue
plowing, Mike replied he felt it was a good service for the people. 
Helen Dennis stated she would like to see the Town end snowplowing of
driveways because the first priority are the Town roads and because of
the problems with residents who call and donít want it plowed this
time but do it next time and all the confusion that it creates trying
to meet everyoneís special requests.  Chairman Kinsley stated we need
to either plow it or not plow it.  Clerk-Treasurer Lori Van Winkle
added that she has been very clear with folks about their special
requests because it has become problematic.  Board member Terry
Patenaude asked if we are close to the private prices for plowing. 
Chairman Kinsley asked Terry what the private price is.  Terry stated
his average driveway is between $25.00 and $55.00 each time he plows. 
Chairman Kinsley stated the town can do his own driveway area in about
5 minutes at $2.50 per minute is a charge of $12.50.  Terry added that
is a good price for the town to do it.  Helen Dennis added that if the
Town did not plow driveways it could create more private plow services
getting involved too.  Scott Vaverka stated if we are breaking even
and the town is not losing money he saw no reason why the Town should
quit plowing driveways.  He added that people need to understand that
the roads come first and when the roads are done we will begin
driveways and they may have to wait 3 or 4 days before their driveway
will be plowed.  Terry Patenaude added that people can always call a
private person if needed if they cannot wait.  

David Kinsley had another question for the public related to board
expenses.  He stated he never had a cell phone until he became Town
Chairman.  Having the cell phone makes it much easier for David Martin
and Lori to get ahold of him when needed.  The cost for his phone is
$35.00 per month and asked if that would be considered a legitimate
board expense.  Mike Gehrke asked if this would be for the entire
board.  Scott Vaverka commented that there is a governmental plan with
reduced costs that we may want to look into where we could buy the
phones and have a plan at a reduced rate.   Chairman Kinsley asked
again, would this be considered a legitimate board expense, Scott
replied yes.  Mike Gehrke agreed and feels this is something we should
look into.  Helen Dennis asked then if this is for individual plans
for each person or how it would work.  Lori replied that she
understood the suggestion to be that phones and a plan would be
purchased for the town, one plan, Chairman Kinsley agreed.  

Chairman Kinsley asked board members Terry and Ron if they had any
additional questions or comments, they did not.  Chairman Kinsley
addressed audience member Kurt Swedberg and asked him if he had any
questions, he did not.

Scott Vaverka asked when the Town does work for others do we use the
State rates.  Chairman Kinsley stated we have our own employee rates
and Lori added that we use the State Equipment rates.  

Mike Gehrke stated he wanted to ask about the boards salaries? 
Chairman Kinsley replied it is public knowledge Mike, what would you
like to ask?  Mike asked if the salaries are sufficient.  Mike
commented that he knows Lori does put in a lot of extra hours as he
sees she is here on off times and she has a tremendous responsibility
for the Town.  Lori responded that she is perfectly content with her
salary but she could not speak for the board members, stating the
board members have not had a salary increase for several years.  Mike
asked Chairman Kinsley what his salary is, he replied he did not have
the actual figures but his was around $8400.00 something and the
supervisors are $6400.00 something.  Mike replied then that he may be
disliked for this, but he made a motion to offer our board members a
raise.  Chairman Kinsley responded to Mike that he is welcome to do
that but keep in mind that the increase would not go into effect until
after the next election, Mike stated he understood this.  Mike asked
how their salaries compare to other areas, Chairman Kinsley replied he
really did not know and had not researched it as it has not bothered
him.  Mike replied that he will just drop it then.  

There were no other questions, motion by Scott Vaverka, second by
Howard Pelot to adjourn, motion carried, meeting was adjourned.       
                                               Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
May 1, 2015	



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