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August 10, 2016 August 10, 2016 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                                   AUGUST 10, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Town of Winter was called to order
at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were board members
Ronald Barnaby and Terry Patenaude, clerk treasurer Lori Van Winkle
and 10 audience members.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and
Chairman Kinsley welcomed everyone.

Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve the agenda as
presented, motion carried.

Chairman Kinsley stated if anyone in the audience had questions
regarding agenda items to raise their hands to be recognized.

Motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the meeting minutes
from July 13, 2016 as presented, motion carried.

There were no licenses or zoning items to review.

Highway / Road Report:  Chairman Kinsley reported the Large Culvert
for the West Lane project will arrive Monday.  The Town will need to
hire Don Thompson to assist with setting it since it’s such a large
hole and culvert.  West Lane will be closed next week during the
construction; the DNR office will notify people in the area.  The crew
poured concrete in the areas of flood damage washouts but will need
one additional load to finish it up.  Regarding culvert replacement of
private driveways, Ron Barnaby attended a recent WTA meeting and asked
Mike Koles the Executive Director of the WI Towns Association who is
responsible to pay for driveway culverts?  Mike replied that it is the
private land owners’ responsibility and went on to say that the Town
installs culverts under the road; not along the road.  Chairman
Kinsley stated then it is not a town culvert unless it is under a town
road, Barnaby replied correct.

Gravel Crushing proposals:  We have not received any proposals to

New Business:  The 2017 - 50/50 Culvert Aid Petitions are now due. 
Chairman Kinsley explained this is a program to assist in costs where
we install culverts that are 36” or larger.  He spoke with Dave Martin
and we have 3 locations for petition, Thornapple, West Lane and
Kinsley Road.  Chairman Kinsley and Lori completed the petition
applications and have submitted them to the County.  Chairman Kinsley
added that at our September meeting we will need to approve the
petition for the Hanson Road Bridge project too.

Review and Act on opening Thorsen and Turcotte Roads for ATV use.
Sherry Zeise, President of the Tuscobia Trails ATV club was present
and requested these two roads be open for ATV use. Beatrice Stoner was
in the audience and expressed that she did not want the road opened
for ATV use, stating she didn’t want the noise and that it interferes
with the wildlife.  William Stoner was also in the audience and had
several questions; discussion took place answering all of Williams’s
questions.  With no further discussion, a motion was made by
Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve opening Thorsen and Turcotte
Roads for ATV use, motion carried.  Chairman Kinsley addressed Sherry
Zeise and explained after talking with Warden Heizler, the Town has
approved our roads for ATV use but not UTV use and at our September
meeting we are planning to do a Blanket Ordinance to approve the roads
open for ATV use to also include UTVs.  

Review and Act on the “Just Fix It” resolution for roads.   The WTA is
encouraging all Townships to approve a resolution urging our governor
and legislators to work on solutions to improve funding for our roads.
 Lori read the resolution aloud, all board members were in agreement
with the resolution, motion by Barnaby, second by Kinsley to approve
the Just Fix it resolution, motion carried.  The resolution will be
sent to the WTA, Governor Walker’s office and legislators.  

Our County Representatives, Bill Voight and Helen Dennis were in the
audience to provide an update on what is happening with the ambulance
service in the Winter area.

Chairman Kinsley gave Bill Voight the floor; Bill asked Chairman
Kinsley what did he want to hear?  Kinsley replied that he wants to
hear good news that they are going to staff an ambulance at the Winter
Fire Hall and that Radisson will continue to have an ambulance there
too and that the staff of both locations will receive the same pay so
that the people now living in Winter and working in Radisson will stay
in Winter to work on the ambulance.  Bill replied that he wants that
too and he has health issues and he wants any ambulance in Winter just
like everyone else. Bill stated at yesterday’s public safety meeting,
our county administrator Tom Hoff presented to them an option to hire
an outside firm to come in and do a study of the ambulance service in
Sawyer County and make recommendations to them, the committee
discussed this and a motion was made to go ahead with the study and it
will be forwarded on to the full county board for approval.  Bill
added that he felt this would be a good step in the right direction,
to get an unbiased opinion of what to do, but added that we don’t want
to be held to their recommendations either, we still want to have
options.  Helen Dennis then spoke stating they are talking about going
full time, 40 hours per week.  Paramedics pay will go from $30.00 to
$22.00 per hour, the director will tell them where they will work from
and they will work 12 hour shifts.  Helen stated she is tired of
hearing about the number of calls and the geographics etc. adding that
there is a Hospital in Hayward and time is much shorter to get there
than for residents at the other end of the county.  With working 12
hour shifts, they will not need to sleep over night.  The first shift
will work days and the second shift working nights would have already
slept and therefore no sleeping quarters are needed.  It has also been
recommended to use 1 ambulance for transfers so the others are
available for 911 emergency services.  We’ve been told in the past
that transfers are where the money is, but the facts show it is not,
it does help but does not generate what they expected as we are still
in the hole on the ambulance budget.  Bill Voight added that we want a
staffed ambulance and he did not feel we needed the chase cars stating
the paramedics can run at the same time with the EMTs.    Helen states
there are two sides of that, she feels if we continue with the
paramedics, the paramedic should be stationed at the station along
with the other staff and it can be determined at the time of a call if
they should go in the paramedic car or can ride in the ambulance.  
Helen Dennis stated that we need to look at the bigger picture, will
we be able to get our EMTs back that have gone elsewhere if we reduce
the wages etc. Hiring a firm to determine what we need isn’t
beneficial if we do not have the EMTs to staff it.  Lengthy discussion
took place, questions arose as to who is authorized to make decisions
and who actually is making decisions regarding ambulance services and
it appears there is a misunderstanding as to who is actually in charge
and that should also be addressed.  The cost of the study is expected
to be $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 and we may not even use it?  Audience
member Warren Johnson added that the ambulance revenues are also down
this year which is part of the deficit.  Warren stated for the last 8
years every year they had to add money to the budget to make up the
shortfall in the ambulance department and that there is no control
over the ambulance and that we need to get control over it.  Warren
added that it is true that with Medicare payments there will be lag
time in payments for ambulance service and it will alter the figures
from month to month, but there have been trends established and they
really need to look at the trends and use that as part of their
information.  Chairman Kinsley thanked Helen and Bill and asked them
to keep us updated.

Correspondence / Contacts: There were none.

Approval of Disbursements:  Supervisor Patenaude asked about the
Flambeau Door expense, it was explained springs had broken on the
doors and they were repaired.  Supervisor Patenaude asked about
Tractor Central Glass, was it a freak accident, he wondered if there
was mesh or something we could add.  Chairman Kinsley stated there
were no injuries and they have added plexiglass as a precaution.  The
glass and labor were fully covered by our insurance and these are
payments to the vendors. Chairman Kinsley stated he called 3 or 4
different glass companies and it was too big a job for them and did
not want to tackle it that is why we had Tractor Central do the work
which they completed in about 2 hours.   Motion by Patenaude, second
by Barnaby to approve the disbursements as presented, motion carried.

Board Concerns:  There were none.   Next meeting date was set for
September 14, 2016.   

Chairman Kinsley stated Lori has completed the flood aid petitions and
submitted them to the department and upon completion of the work which
is still some concrete and blacktop work we will then submit them for
final payment.  

With no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned.

                                   Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                                    August 18, 2016     




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