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August 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                              AUGUST 12, 2015

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were
board members Ronald Barnaby and Terry Patenaude, clerk treasurer Lori
Van Winkle and 7 audience members.  The Pledge of Allegiance was
recited and Chairman Kinsley welcomed everyone.

On the Agenda the date of the special meeting was corrected from July
30, 2015 to July 31, 2015, with that correction a motion was made by
Ronald Barnaby, second by Terry Patenaude to approve the agenda,
motion carried.

Motion by Ronald Barnaby second by Terry Patenaude to approve the
meeting minutes from July 8, 2015 regular meeting and July 31, 2015
special meeting as presented, motion carried.

License / Zoning:  A 3-year conditional use permit # 98-022 for Tod
Torgerson was presented to the board from Sawyer County Zoning, there
were no objections, motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by David Kinsley
to approve the conditional use permit renewal, motion carried.

Highway / Road Report:  Gravel crushing was discussed; it was decided
to advertise for crushing 7500 yards of gravel in the Town Shop gravel
pit with proposals to be reviewed at our next meeting in September.  

Unfinished Business: There was none.

New Business:  Request to open Clayton Road for ATV use:  Steve
Koosman representing the ATV Club stated they received a request from
a property owner to open Clayton Road for ATV use in an effort to get
to the Tuscobia Trail.  Discussion took place that Canestorp Road on
the Village side is open for ATV use; however, the Town also owns a
portion of Canestorp Road which has not been open for ATV use.  It was
decided that the ATV Club also request that portion of Canestorp road
that lies within the Town also be opened and we could address both
Clayton and Canestorp Roads at the same time at our September meeting,
Steve was in agreement with this.   The board tabled opening Clayton
Road for ATV use until our September meeting.

Discuss Publication of Agendas in Newspaper:  Supervisor Patenaude
asked this be on the agenda.  He stated he attended the new public
officials training and it was stressed not to put agendas in the
newspaper due to time constraints of the agendas because you are bound
to what you put in the paper, and if you amend the agenda 2 days
before you don’t have time enough to put it in the paper again. 
Supervisor Patenaude expressed that he thinks it ties our hands too
far having them out a week and a half before our meeting and suggested
to just put the date of the meeting in the paper and post the agendas
where we normally post them, so we can add items( like on Monday) to
the agenda right away.  Chairman Kinsley responded that in this case,
even with the agenda published in the newspaper, it still could have
been added, by doing a reposting.  Supervisor Patenaude said they
don’t really rely on that and stated if it were a daily paper you
could change it in the paper.  Chairman Kinsley stated in the past he
believes at an annual or a budget meeting this subject had been
discussed before and the response from the people was that they wanted
to see the agenda in the newspaper; at least it gives the public a
basic idea of what will be discussed at the meetings.  Supervisor
Patenaude stated well this is what he learned about open meeting laws
and he just didn’t want to you know, Chairman Kinsley stated he did
not feel we are violating the open meeting laws.  Supervisor Barnaby
stated the public needs to be informed, the newspaper has always been
the way to do it and in his opinion we should continue to do it this
way.  Audience member Lynn Johnson stated she was very concerned about
how the public would know what would be discussed at the meetings and
feels it should continue to be published in the paper.  There was
discussion about adding the agenda to the Town Website, which can be
done, but it could be problematic if an amendment to the agenda was
not posted on the website.  It was suggested with tax payers who live
out of town it may be beneficial for those people to see it on the
website, Lori agreed and stated it could be done, but if an amendment
were missed on the web it could be problematic and is why it was not
recommended.  Supervisor Patenaude added or in the paper, he
continued, stating you receive the Gazette a week ahead of time, you
read the agenda and there is nothing pertaining to me and then all of
a sudden we (the town) add something to the agenda that they might
have concerns about  they might be upset about it.  Lori stated she
had discussed this with the WTA attorney explained the circumstances
in our rural area and that our newspaper is published only once a week
 and that not all people frequent our posting locations and not all
people receive the paper. The attorneys’ advice was that the notice
has to account for a reasonably apprised person in our town; in short,
if your people have been trained to take the paper as the official
notice then you could end up with problems discontinuing it.  He
recommended that we add to our newspaper published agenda the
statement “the agenda is subject to amendments and that people should
consult the posting locations for official notices”.   Chairman
Kinsley added that this is what we did.   Lori commented that she
feels from the past that the people have expressed what they want,
it’s been a good way to do it and by adding that statement to the
agenda it covers any issues.  The official posting locations are the
Town Hall, Winter Post Office, Winter Coop and Sawyer County Gazette. 
Audience member Helen Dennis stated she agreed with what Lori stated
and that also the Sawyer County Gazette has been our designated
newspaper since 1908 and that is in writing.  Chairman Kinsley stated
we will continue to do it the way we have been and if we have
amendments we have them, which doesn’t happen every month.  

AED signs: Audience member Helen Dennis stated with the recent
ambulance issues, they now have an AED unit located at the Flambeau
Forest Inn.  What they don’t have are signs directing people to the
AED location and feels it’s important for people to know where the AED
is located.  They would like to place signs in the Connors Lake area,
at the Trail Head, DNR Station, Beach and Campsites.
The town has budgeted funds for EMTs and since we no longer have
Winter EMTs, she requested those funds be used toward the purchase of
AED signs for these locations.  If people are visiting the area and
are at the beach and something happens, people need to be aware of
where the AED unit is located.  Helen thought perhaps the Town may be
able to get better prices on these from our sign vendor.  Lori asked
about particulars for the signs, which Helen will provide information.
 Supervisor Patenaude asked if Camp Flambeau could make these signs. 
Chairman Kinsley stated wouldn’t metal reflective signs be better? 
Helen responded yes, especially on the trail head.  Supervisor
Patenaude mentioned that he knew the state is kind of picky on their
stuff.  Motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by David Kinsley to approve
the purchase of AED signs to be placed at the locations mentioned,
motion carried.

Correspondence and Contacts:  Information was received Monday from
Loretta Trail Blazers snowmobile club about rerouting a snowmobile
trail.  The new route will involve Schmidt Road and the club is
requesting approval from the Town to open the road for snowmobiles. 
We cannot act on this tonight, but the club would like this done as
soon as possible as they want to use the new trail this upcoming
season.  Maps and copies of previous ordinances to open town roads for
snowmobiles were reviewed.  Chairman Kinsley said we will add this to
the September Agenda.    A letter was received from Tim Siedl, Sawyer
County Zoning in reference to the elevations used to set the
replacement culvert on Lake Winter Road, Tim was also providing a copy
to Shawn Haseleu at the DNR because it had been discussed and approved
with her as well.   Pat Sanchez Sawyer County Emergency Government
asked for permission to use the gravel pit and trails for Law
Enforcement Training Standards K9 on September 23-27, this is the
location off Lagoon Road, the Town advised they contact the Archery
Club to be sure there are no conflicts with their event schedule.  
There have been a couple calls regarding the Connors Lake property
line disputes and what is happening with this.  Lori expressed that at
the May meeting we were informed there were 8 property owners and
could be up to 13 involved.  To date, the Town has received 4 letters
from property owners and no other correspondence from anyone.  It
appears the main issue is the costs involved and the property owners
are telling us they are reluctant to sign and commit to this without
knowing what it will cost.   Supervisor Patenaude stated he received a
call from a property owner with concerns about the geese and feeding
the geese on Lake Winter Road.  He did call Tom Heisler at the DNR
regarding it.

Approval of Disbursements:  There were no questions regarding the
disbursements, motion by David Kinsley, second by Ronald Barnaby to
approve the disbursements as presented, motion carried.  Check # 17304
through 17322 was approved in the amount of $14,762.67.  Account
balances 7-31-15 General Checking $2,274.32, MMA account balance
$179,490.33, LGIP account balance $303,113.72.

Board Concerns:  Chairman Kinsley addressed Supervisor Patenaude
stating he had a concern; you mentioned you had called the DNR
representative to get Dale (Magnuson) an extension.  Supervisor
Patenaude replied, if he (Dale) could get an extension.  Chairman
Kinsley asked Supervisor Patenaude if he called on behalf of the Town?
 Supervisor Patenaude replied well no.  Chairman Kinsley asked
Supervisor Patenaude if he told them he was a Town Supervisor,
Supervisor Patenaude replied yes, Chairman Kinsley stated then they
would assume you were calling on behalf of the Town? Supervisor
Patenaude replied probably.  Supervisor Patenaude stated he called him
so he could hear his whole take on the situation.  Chairman Kinsley
stated he felt it was wrong that Supervisor Patenaude did this because
he (Chairman Kinsley) had previously informed supervisor Patenaude of
a file of information on the situation and advised him to review that
file because the situation had been going on for years not just for
the past 3 months.  Supervisor Patenaude agreed yes that Chairman
Kinsley had told him that.  Chairman Kinsley stated he just wanted to
express that he felt it was wrong that Supervisor Patenaude had done
this.   Supervisor Patenaude stated on that, Lori has been good about
getting his paychecks and materials to him, but he wondered about a
key for the Town Hall because his schedule doesn’t allow him to get
here during regular office hours to pick up his information.  Chairman
Kinsley replied yes there was no problem with him having a key.

Chairman Kinsley address audience member David Palmer who came in
late, was there something he wanted to ask about?  David expressed he
was here with questions related to the conditional use permit for Tod
Torgerson, stating he had sold some of his property 2 years ago which
changed the boundaries of the land and he was aware of new
environmental laws passed and wondered about setbacks, where the
mining would be done etc.  His neighbor has written to the county
expressing the same as they understood this would go before the county
next.  David had several questions related to the rules and
regulations of the pit and Chairman Kinsley advised him that the
county would probably be the best place to go as they would have
copies of the reclamation report and the operation plans for that pit.

There were no other questions or concerns, the next meeting date was
set for September 9, 2015.

Motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by David Kinsley to adjourn, motion

                           Lori Van Winkle, Clerk                     
August 17, 2015       


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