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December 11, 2013 Meeting Minutes



A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order by Supervisor David Kinsley at 7:00 P.M.  Present were
supervisor Helen Dennis, Clerk-Treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 4
citizens.  Chairman James Genrich was not present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; Supervisor Kinsley welcomed
everyone and stated if anyone wished to speak to please raise their

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the agenda
as presented, motion carried.

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the meeting
minutes from November 19, 2013 as presented, motion carried.

There were no license / zoning issues to discuss.

Highway / Road Report:  Supervisor Kinsley stated the roads are ice
covered and slippery and the crew has been busy spreading sand to
prevent accidents.  

Unfinished Business:  Darwin Hintz was in the audience and discussion
took place regarding his letter to the board last month requesting the
Town adopt an ordinance that would allow ATV/UTV access from their
place of residence or rental to the nearest trail or route. 
Supervisor Kinsley stated we discussed this at last monthís meeting
and it was decided to refer it to the ATV club for further review. 
With snowmobiles becoming a thing of the past and ATV/UTVs
increasingly popular the need for changes in the ordinances are
necessary. Supervisor Dennis stated the Town has an ordinance
regarding these situations.  Darwin stated the Town has an ordinance
that creates turmoil and the ordinance will need to be modified. 
Supervisor Kinsley stated that all ordinances over time as conditions
change do need to be modified.  Supervisor Dennis agreed but stated
that the ordinance was done this way to eliminate costs to the Town
for the ATV route signs and with the signs posted ATVs would know
which roads are and are not routes, if signs are posted itís a route,
if signs are not posted itís not a route.   Supervisor Kinsley stated
that if we had an ordinance the allowed access throughout the Town on
Town roads, posted signs would not be necessary.   Supervisor Dennis
asked for clarification; she said, so what you are requesting is to
allow ACCESS only not opening all Town roads to ATVs?  Darwin agreed,
we donít want all Town roads to be open, we are requesting access
only.   Darwin explained that this request IS NOT to open the road as
an ATV route; it is for the road to be an ATV access.  An access
ordinance would not allow any other ATVs to ride this road unless they
lived or rented a home on that road and it would be used only to get
to a trail.  Supervisor Kinsley stated we will contact the Towns
Association for their recommendations on how to proceed with an ATV
access ordinance.

Kate Koosman was in the audience representing the Tuscobia Trail ATV
club, with a request to open Larson Road in Winter, WI for ATV use. 
Larson Road is a dead end road without access to an ATV trail. 
Several property owners on the road have asked for the road to be open
for ATV use to allow them to ride legally on the road.   Discussion
took place, Supervisor Dennis stated this request for Larson road is
different than what Darwin is requesting; the people on Larson road
donít want the road open for access to a trail and want it open only
for them to ride on it.  Kate Koosman stated this was not the case;
they want the road open so they can ride legally.   Supervisor Dennis
asked then,   so anyone who lives on that road could ride on the road,
they are not looking for an access?  That is correct; they just want
to be able to ride on the road legally.  They are not concerned with
other people riding on the road because itís a dead end road and has
no access to a trail.  Supervisor Kinsley stated being a farmer
himself, he could relate, these folks have a large farm and if they
are out checking fences etc. ½ a mile down and come out on the
road, they want to be able to ride the road back to their farm
legally.  Kate Koosman stated that the road will still require signs
posted. Supervisor Kinsley stated that he understood the property
owners agreed to pay for the signs.  Supervisor Dennis stated she
agreed that ordinances can be modified, but in the past there were
property owners on roads who were seasonal residents that wanted roads
open to ATVs and others who are permanent residents who did not want
it open, the board had to take this into consideration and chose not
to open the roads and she understood with the increase in ATV use
verses snowmobile use, modifications will need to be considered. 
Supervisor Kinsley stated getting back to Larson Road, as long the
road is signed properly, he did not have a problem opening it for ATV
use. Supervisor Dennis stated it has no access, Supervisor Kinsley
stated he understood that and like he stated previously, ordinances
are made to be changed, Supervisor Dennis stated that until the
ordinance is changed she felt they should wait on Larson road,
Supervisor Kinsley said, ok we will table this decision for the
January meeting and asked the clerk to place this ordinance on the
agenda for the January meeting.

New Business:  Supervisor Kinsley asked the clerk to explain the
proposed change to our GASB#54 Fund Balance resolution.  In our past
audits we were advised that we need a GASB #54 regarding fund balances
to comply with audit standards.  At our Auditors advice we used the
20-30% amount and established a resolution accordingly.  In review of
our 2014 budget allowing a 20-30% amount would reduce our expense
budget greatly; we discussed this with our auditor again.  We were
advised that Bonding Companies require this percentage and were the
reasons for this recommendation.  Since we do not anticipate the use
of Bonding companies our auditor advised we could make adjustments on
the percentage and advised it be done in 2013 to apply to 2013
auditing. The auditor advised that the town keep a 2 month fund
balance cushion.  Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to
adjust the percentage of our GASB#54 fund balance from 20-30% to
15-20%, motion carried.  

Approval of Election workers:  The clerk reported that Election
training requirements have been completed and presented the list of
election workers that have met their training criteria for the next
election term 2014-2015.  Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen
Dennis to approve the election workers as reported, motion carried.

Transfer of funds in accounts.  We were over budget on our blacktop
this year with a balance due in the amount of $47,078.00.  A transfer
of excess funds from other budget categories to the blacktop category
is necessary to pay the balance in full.  The excess categories are
Gravel, Legal, Hwy Insurance, Signs and Hwy Equipment Outlay.  Motion
by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to transfer funds from these
categories to the blacktop category to pay the blacktop balance due of
$47,078.00, motion carried.

Supervisor Kinsley stated the new well at the Town Hall was drilled
the week of Thanksgiving and the boiler system at the hall will be
cleaned and flushed tomorrow.

Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the
disbursements as presented Check #16251 through 16267 in the amount of
$23,224.01 was approved, motion carried.  Account balances as of
November 30, 2013, General Account $7,810.23, MMA Savings Account
$109,163.54, LGIP Machinery account -0-, LGIP General Account

There was no other business to discuss, next meeting date was set for
January 8, 2014, motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to
adjourn, motion carried.  Lori Van Winkle, Clerk  12-15-13


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