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February 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

               TOWN OF WINTER

MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                              FEBRUARY 10, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Town of Winter board of
Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman David
Kinsley. Present were board members Ronald Barnaby and Terry
Patenaude, clerk treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 8 audience members. 
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Chairman Kinsley thanked
everyone for their attendance.

Motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the agenda as
presented, motion carried.
Chairman Kinsley advised if there were questions to please raise your
hand to be recognized.

Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve the meeting minutes
from January 13, 2016, motion carried.

License / Zoning:  An operator license was presented for Melanie
Niznik for Redís Big Bear Lodge.
All requirements have been met and fees paid, motion by Patenaude,
second by Barnaby to approve the operator license for Melanie Niznik,
motion carried.

A rezone application for J. Michael Borden was received to divide a
property and combine with another zoned Commercial and RR 2.  Lori
explained she had one call from a neighboring property owner asking
how this change would affect him, they discussed the before and after
maps and he planned to also contact county zoning, if he had concerns
he would let Lori know, there was no further contact from him.  The
board reviewed the maps provided by the county and were familiar with
the area.  There were no objections, motion by Barnaby, second by
Patenaude to approve the re-zone application for J. Michael Borden,
motion carried.

Highway / Road Report:  Chairman Kinsley stated the roads are snow
covered addressed the audience stating if anyone knows of any ice
spots to call the hall or the shop.  Supervisor Patenaude said he
noticed the roads were sanded, Chairman Kinsley replied yesterday and
today they were sanding and winging back the snow.  Audience member
Butch Ladenthin stated Lake Winter Road was slick and could use some
sand, Chairman Kinsley said he will let the crew know tomorrow.  
Supervisor Patenaude stated they should make sure all the corners are
sanded because itís not supposed to snow for a while and Butch
Ladenthin added the intersections too.  Chairman Kinsley asked if
there was anything else, Supervisor Patenaude stated he had one
concern, he knows the crew has been pretty good, but that last snow
storm we didnít have them start early?  Chairman Kinsley stated no
that was his judgment call because the storm watch advised it wouldnít
end until 9:00 and he was told on Tuesday afternoon that school would
most likely be closed.  Leading on with that, Chairman Kinsley stated
Supervisor Patenaude had asked how much salt sand we had gone through.
 Supervisor Patenaude replied yes the tonnage.  Chairman Kinsley
stated in November 139.35 and December 85.99 tons were what we had to
date purchased, and also to answer Supervisor Patenaudes question from
the last meeting what the cost was; salt sand from Sawyer County HWY
Department is $19.98 per ton at the Shop in Winter.  Over all costs
from Rusk County  HWY Department in Ladysmith is $17.30 per ton, which
is quite a difference.  Supervisor Patenaude stated he knew that Rusk
County did have good sand down there; Chairman Kinsley stated our crew
does like it better, itís washed sand.

Unfinished business:  At our December meeting the ATV club had
requested Lake of the Pines Road be opened for ATV use.  At that
meeting Jim Halvorson expressed some concerns about it and it was
tabled.  Lori has since discussed it with Jim Halvorson; he has no
objections of opening up the Towns section of Lake of the Pines road
up to that one main driveway.  Audience member Darwin Hintz stated
itís approximately a mile up to that main driveway and other driveways
fork off from that main driveway.  He also stated he spoke with Dan
Shauder prior to our meeting tonight and Dan indicated they are ready
to sign it etc.  Chairman Kinsley asked Lori to read the ordinance, it
states the route begins at CTY HWY W and ends at the access road (main
driveway) ending at fire number 3878N.  If approved, Chairman Kinsley
stated it should be signed that the route ends here at that fire
number 3878N.  Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude to approve
opening Lake of the Pines Road for ATV use up to the fire number
3878N, motion carried.

New Business:  Chairman Kinsley provided pictures and specs of a
grader that had been available through Surplus and explained that this
equipment is usually low hours and well maintained and cost effective
and because of that when they become available we must act quickly on
them to get them.  Weíve been watching the site regularly and when a
grader comes available if itís ok with the board, weíd like to be able
to act on it.  Audience member Butch Ladenthin asked if this equipment
is ready to go to work when we get it or how much do we have to put
into it to get it ready.  Chairman Kinsley stated there are no
guarantees and itís nice to stick with name brand equipment because
parts are available if needed and even if we do have to put a little
into them are experience is that we are sitting pretty well in overall
costs.  Chairman Kinsley asked the boards thoughts, Supervisor Barnaby
stated because of the time limits in these situations, he would agree
to it so we can act on it.  Supervisor Patenaude said his concern is
do we really need it with downsizing and only a couple guys, Chairman
Kinsley stated he didnít look at it as downsizing, he looked at it as
improving our backup equipment because our other grader has 6000 plus
hours on it and we eliminated the other one because we were having a
lot of issues with it. Supervisor Patenaude stated he would like to
hold off on this.  A motion was made by Barnaby to pursue a grader
through surplus when one comes available, second by Kinsley, Patenaude
was opposed, motion carried.  

The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System has been approved by the Fire Board
for our Fire Department; it must also be approved by the joint
municipalities involved by a resolution.  Chairman Kinsley asked
Supervisor Patenaude to explain MABAS, Supervisor Patenaude stated it
is a larger mutual aid system and goes out of our county for
assistance with equipment and man power and is used for larger
situations rather than draining our local county mutual aid services. 
We only have a verbal mutual aid agreement with Hawkins at this time
but they did assist us at a Connors Lake fire in the past at no
charge.  There were no questions from the audience.  Motion by
Patenaude to approve the resolution for MABAS, second by Barnaby, 
Kinsley was opposed, motion carried.

There were no correspondences or contacts to report.  Chairman Kinsley
said itís been a busy month with property taxes and Lori reports she
is done except for the settlements.  

Approval of Disbursements:   There were no questions regarding the
disbursements, Check # 17599 through 17629 in the amount of $20,452.74
were presented, motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the
disbursements as presented, motion carried.  Account balances 1-31-06,
General Account $35,537.97, MMA Account  $1,085,344.71, LGIP Account 

Board Concerns:  Chairman Kinsley stated the water at the hall is poor
and he suggested we look into something maybe through Culligan or
similar to improve it, the board agreed we should.  

Next meeting date was set for March 9, 2016.

Motion by Kinsley, second by Barnaby to adjourn, motion carried,
meeting adjourned.  


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