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February 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                          FEBRUARY 12,

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order by Supervisor David Kinsley at 7:00 P.M.  Present were
supervisor Helen Dennis, Clerk Treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 23

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; Supervisor Kinsley welcomed

David Kinsley asked if there were any changes or additions to the
agenda, there were none, motion by Helen Dennis, second by David
Kinsley to approve the agenda as presented, motion carried.

David Kinsley asked if the audience had any questions or comments to
share. There were none.

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the regular
meeting minutes from January 8, 2014 and the special meeting minutes
from January 29, 2014, motion carried.

License/Zoning:  The town received 1 land use permit for a new garage
valued at $20,000.00.

Highway/Road Report:  Dave Kinsley stated itís been cold and the roads
are icy, not much else to report.  Helen Dennis gave an update on the
West Lane DNR Grant, stating as soon as weather permits she and Shawn
Haseleu from the Spooner DNR office will meet to review the project
area to determine if permits will be needed.  Total project cost is
$171,206.40, the town has completed approximately $78,000.00 of the
work already and the grant amount will be $35,026.12. 

Unfinished Business: Property owners on Larson Road spoke with Warden
Heizler inquiring about what they had to do to get Larson Road open
for ATVís.  Warden Heizler advised they contact the Town for approval.
  At our January meeting the board discussed that Larson Road is a
dead end road therefore it would not be considered an ATV route or
trail but could be opened for ATV use and because it would not be
considered a route or trail Supervisor Kinsley did not think it would
require an ordinance.  Since then, Warden Heisler and Warden Little
advised the Town, regardless of it being a dead end road, per statutes
ATVís are only allowed to travel on designated routes supported by an
ordinance;  therefore the board has approved Larson Road to be opened
as an ATV route with signs and we are approving the Larson Road ATV
ordinance tonight.  Motion by David Kinsley to approve ordinance #
2014-1 for Larson Road in Winter, WI to be opened as an ATV route,
second by Helen Dennis, motion carried.

New Business:  The Town received a notice on non- compliance from the
State Department of Revenue regarding assessed values of properties,
weíve asked our assessor James Toth of Bowmar Appraisals to attend our
meeting to explain why our maintenance contract does not keep us in
compliance.  James Toth was given the floor.  Mr. Toth provided
handouts to the board with statistics and other information about
where the Town is now and what has transpired to get to this point. 
He explained that our maintenance contract does not prevent the level
of assessment of changing because in maintenance contracts we are not
changing everyone values, only those that sell or make improvements or
new construction etc.  He explained the letter from the Department of
Revenue is the first step in the process, indicating the towns values
are not keeping up with market values and the Town needs to consider
doing something.  If the market continues in the same trend and the
town does nothing, then in 2017, the Department of Revenue will step
in.  He does not believe the market trend will change as many of the
properties in the Town are secondary homes.  The 2013 sales which will
affect the 2014 assessments show the assessed values at 11% higher
than the market values which is approximately a 120% ratio. Lengthy
discussion took place; James Toth explained that a revaluation is a
timely process specifically because the Town of Winter is such a large
township 288 square miles.  He provided options for revaluation in the
printed materials provided to the board. The board asked if an entire
revaluation of all categories would be required since we are only out
of compliance in the one category.  The board expressed that had we
known this previously we could have allowed for this in our budget,
since we did not know, we had not included this in budget.  Mr. Toth
stated he did not feel the numbers the State gave us are true numbers
as their information is based on the information they had at the time
of their letter.  His information provides the actual numbers based on
all sales etc. for all of 2013.  Supervisor Kinsley asked Mr. Toth if
he could put together some numbers for the revaluation with all
categories and with just the category out of compliance.  Mr. Toth
stated he will.

Regarding Board Appointments: David Kinsley stated he had mentioned at
the 1-29-14 special meeting,  his intent to fill the Chairman position
with the support of the clerk and supervisor.  A motion was made by
Helen Dennis, second by Clerk Lori Van Winkle to appoint David Kinsley
as chairman of the Town board, motion carried.  The next appointment
then was to move the 2nd Supervisor to the 1st supervisor position.
David Kinsley explained there is no difference in authority, just that
in the event of the chairmans absence, the  2nd supervisor  would be
more familiar with recent activities and able to conduct the meetings.
 David Kinsley motioned to move the 2nd supervisor to the 1st
supervisor position, second by Clerk Lori Van Winkle, motion carried. 
The next appointment was to fill the 2nd supervisor position for the
term that will end in April 2015.  David Kinsley stated the decision
to fill this vacancy was not an easy decision since there were several
qualified people, but after much consideration, he motioned to appoint
Ron Barnaby to 2nd supervisor position, second by Helen Dennis, motion
carried.  Ron was asked to step forward, was sworn in, congratulated
and took his place at the table with the board.

Correspondence/Contacts:  The Winter Archery Club sent a letter to the
Town which was read by the clerk, requesting assistance and or a
donation to repair the driveway to the archery club due to its
deteriorating condition.  Dave Kinsley stated possibly in kind labor
and equipment could be done, but since the driveway is hidden by snow,
heíd like to wait until spring when they can take a better look at it.
 He asked if the board was in agreement, they were and this was tabled
until weather permits.

Dave Kinsley stated that town has received phone calls and letters
from property owners with complaints about the assessed values of
property in comparison to the market values, which we have discussed
with our assessor who will be looking into a revaluation.  The Town
was also notified that Sawyer Co. Health and Human Services will no
longer provide the DOT CDL drug testing for our employees.  The town
has now contracted with Bellin Health, if required our employees will
test at Marshfield Clinic in Ladysmith.  Cost of test is $45.00 and
hospital cost for collection is typically around $30.00.  The annual
consortium fee of $45.00 is waived the first year.

Approval of Disbursements:  Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David
Kinsley to approve the disbursements at presented, check # 16358
through 16380 in the amount of $29,057.99 was approved, motion
carried.  Account balances as of January 31, 2014 General Account
$31,632.25, MMA Savings Account $1,244,803.67, LGIP Machinery Account
-0-, LGIP General Account $6,033.70.

General Public Concerns:  The Southern Sawyer County Sportsmanís Club
had asked the Town to open the gate to Lake Winter near the Rustic Inn
Bridge for access to the Lake for an ice fishing contest on March 2nd.
 They did not indicate what they would be driving on the ice.  David
Kinsley stated he had concerns that if we open the gate are we saying
the ice is safe to travel on?  With the recent news of unsafe ice
hazards in other areas and because the river current runs through this
area, the board decided to deny the request to open the gate at this

There being no other business to discuss, the next meeting date was
set for March 12, 2014.  Motion by Ron Barnaby, second by Helen Dennis
to adjourn, motion carried.

                                                 Lori Van Winkle,
                                                 February 17, 2014



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