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February 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                          FEBRUARY 13,

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order by Chairman James Genrich at 7:00 P.M.  Present were
supervisors Helen Dennis and David Kinsley,
Clerk Ė Treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 23 citizens.  The pledge of
allegiance was recited.

Chairman Genrich announced a change in the agenda order, moving Brian
Cody EMT-Ambulance Services from # 9. a to # 5. motion by David
Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the agenda with the change
in agenda order, motion carried.

Chairman Genrich welcomed everyone and stated Roberts Rules of Order
will be followed during the meeting, if anyone would like to speak,
please raise your hand and state your name for the record.  

Brian Cody, Emergency Government Coordinator for Sawyer County was
introduced.  A 50 minute question and answer period took place.  Items
discussed:  Brian stated they have Ambulance Stations in Hayward,
Round Lake, Winter, Radisson and Stone Lake.  They offer EMT classes
in the areas where they have the most participants.  The last class
offered had 30 people begin and only 12 finished.  Itís a huge
commitment on behalf of the participant and many give up.  They
currently have an active EMT class running in Hayward. The $650.00
tuition fee is paid for by the County; participants are required to
pay for their own books which cost $250.00.  They encourage the
participants to have some buy in because their experience has shown if
the participants have no investment involved, the dropout rate was
approximately 50% which amounts to a lot of dollars wasted.  Brian
stated the participant will make up the cost of their books in just 2
weeks working.   Brian stated the Paramedic classes require more time
and extensive training including clinicals.  They currently have
several participants in the Paramedic class and expect within two
months to have active Paramedics working which will allow them to
provide services similar to small emergency rooms and offer 24 hour
services.   Audience member John Holm stated he is currently in the
Paramedic training, after 1 year, he expects he will have close to
$10,000.00 invested.  He expressed that whether itís $300.00 or
$10,000.00 an EMT/Paramedic person must first have it in their hearts
that they really want to help people and that makes the investment
worth it.   Supervisor David Kinsley asked Brian how long the County
has been operating the ambulance service; Brian stated since June of
1971.  Bill Voight County Supervisor stated that of the 72 counties,
we are one of two that provide our own ambulance services, which is
less expensive than if we contracted with Gold Cross or others for
services.  Brian stated that we want to provide the best services
available but we have a large geographic area to cover and yes there
will be times that it will take longer for an ambulance to get there. 
He stated if you have health issues that would require immediate
ambulance services, our rural area is probably not the best place for
you to reside.  He is hopeful with the paramedic program cars
patrolling, it will help to reduce response time in the geographics. 
Audience member and longtime EMT, Louise Ladenthin, expressed the
issues with the lack of ambulance services and EMTís relates to the
lack of funding for the program. Louise stated people canít do it full
time because it does not pay full time; therefore they work other jobs
to support themselves.   Louise encouraged towns to consider support
for the program perhaps by providing gas cards for those traveling to
the classes.  Louise also thanked the Town for their support of the
Winter EMS Association.  Louise stated she would like to retire and
would support anyone who may want to take the class with tutoring or
assistance in the registration process.  It was agreed by the board
that they feel things are moving in a positive direction with our
ambulance/ EMT/Paramedic services and realize it takes time to
implement and thanked Brian for his time tonight.    

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley, to approve the
meeting minutes from the Regular  town meeting January 9, 2013 and
Special Town meeting January 18, 2013, motion carried.   During this
motion audience member Kurt Swedberg interrupted Chairman Genrich
regarding the minutes stating they were incorrect.  Chairman Genrich
responded that the minutes were on the agenda for board approval, not
for audience discussion and if Kurt had questions, he addressed these
items in his recent letter to Kurt and he expected Kurt to follow
that, Kurt replied sure.  

There were no license or zoning issues to discuss.

Highway / Roads:  Chairman Genrich stated our crew has been very
efficient in their plow services and have received several thank you
calls from area folks.  The crew has also been able to get down in the
county lands quickly to do their plowing.  Audience member Shane Ehn
thanked the board/crew for their great work down in the county land
area where the loggers are hauling he stated there were many safety
issues in those areas and they appreciate the work the crew has done
down there too.

Our January 18, 2013 Special meeting related to the town trading in a
Caterpillar D7 and a Caterpillar D3 for a 1997 Caterpillar D6.  Itís a
newer larger unit with High Rise tracks and is better equipped for the
needs of the town.  This was an even trade, there were no dollars

There was no unfinished business to discuss.

New Business:  The WTA Spring officials meeting is February 15, 2013
in Cable, WI, Chairman Genrich and Lori Van Winkle would like to
attend this meeting, motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis
to approve attendance for Chairman Genrich and Lori Van Winkle, motion

A letter has been received from the Winter EMTís requesting a
donation.  The funds would be used for the kiddie parade on the 4th of
July and also for a defib unit they plan to place in the Connors Lake
area.  Total cost for the defib unit, box and heater is approximately
$1800.00.  Currently the owners of the Ojibwa Club furnish the
electricity cost for the defib unit there and Redís has agreed to
furnish the electricity cost for the one they will place in Connors
Lake area.  The EMTís plan to offer a class to instruct people on the
use of the defib unit and our town crew members would like to attend
this class as well.  A motion was made by Helen Dennis to donate our
budgeted amount of $700.00 for the defib unit to the EMT Association
in Winter, second by David Kinsley, motion carried.

Correspondence / Contacts:   A Thank You letter from the Sawyer County
Sheriffís Dept. was received thanking the town for their donation of
$1100.00 to the Project LifeSaver program. A unit will be purchased
and stationed in Winter.  A Thank You card from David and Diana Martin
was received thanking the Town for hosting the Christmas/Appreciation
dinner for the town employees.  A phone contact was received 1-17-13
from Kurt Swedberg requesting a breakdown of pay for all town board
members for the months of February and December of 2012.   On 1-18-13
Kurt Swedberg stopped at the Town Hall to pick up his requested
information and a lengthy discussion took place between David Kinsley,
Lori Van Winkle and Kurt Swedberg.  1-29-13 Laura Hunkel stopped at
the Town Hall with a letter requesting copies of the Town Annual
meeting minutes for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 and also copies of
the Fire Department Budget for the same years.  We spoke to Jean
Suralski, fire department treasurer who provided copies of the Fire
Department Budgets.  1-30-13 Laura Hunkel stopped at the Town Hall to
pick up her requested information.  On 2-1-13 Kurt Swedberg stopped in
the Town Hall with a letter requesting a slot on the 2-13-13 Town
Agenda to discuss the total wages/expenses of the Town of Winterís
elected officials.   He stated the financial statements were not
itemized and the people have no way to know how much or what the board
members/employees are actually getting paid for.  He also requested
that the town provide an itemized monthly wage and expense statement
for all Town of Winter employees and elected officials for the entire
year of 2012, so people have something to refer to when this
discussion takes place.  He stated this information should be at no
cost to himself due to the fact that this information has not been
itemized on the monthly financial statements.  He requested the
following:  Wages, Special Meeting per diems, Mileage, Reimbursements,
Health Insurance Premiums, Retirement, Pension.  On 2-4-13 Chairman
Genrich responded by letter to Kurt Swedbergís requests in his 2-1-13
letter.  Chairman Genrich stated Kurtís request for discussion
regarding wages/expenses for the Town of Winter will be placed on the
April 2013 Annual Meeting Agenda as this is the meeting where both
discussion and action can take place.  Chairman Genrich also
referenced  State Statutes as they relate to monthly expenses and what
is required and expressed that the Town of Winter meets or exceeds on
our financial reports the requirements noted by State Statutes. 
Chairman Genrich expressed if Kurt wished to discuss this further to
call and arrange an appointment during normal business hours.
On 2-8-13 Kurt Swedberg stopped at the Town Hall requesting copies of
the meeting minutes from the January 2013 meetings, Chairman Genrich
told him he could pick them up on Tuesday 2-12-13 which allows 48
hours.  2-11-13 Laura Hunkel stopped at the Town Hall, stating Kurt
Swedberg requested she stop to pick up the minutes heíd requested. 
She was told they would be available on Tuesday (the next day).  She
stated Kurt also wants a copy of the agenda from the second town
meeting held in January.    On 2-12-13 Laura Hunkel stopped at the
Town Hall to pick up the minutes/agenda Kurt Swedberg had requested.

Approval of Disbursements:   Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen
Dennis to approve the disbursements as presented.  Check # 15686
through Check #15712 in the amount of $28,401.17 were approved, motion
carried.  Account Balances as of January 31, 2013 Ė General Account
$6,141.42, MMA Savings Account $1,250,102.41, LGIP Machinery Account
$4,886.47, LGIP General Account $90,553.48.   

Chairman Genrich commented with regard to the Town Financial
Statement, in an effort to answer any questions, we have expanded our
financial statement some by adding the number of miles reimbursed and
number of per diems paid for that period; which far exceeds what the
Statutes state we are required to provide. Our financial statement
does provide all the information related to our disbursements; the
date, check number, paid to whom, amount paid and reason for payment
which again complies with State Statutes.

Audience member Dale Stotesbury commented that heís been here 27 years
and he wanted to echo the other comments weíve received regarding the
town roads, they are twice as good as they have ever been and the town
roads are in Excellent shape, Dale also commented that if the board
members were to list their hours per month compared to the salary
paid, it may be about $2.00 an hour???  It was Daleís opinion that he
didnít feel it was questionable. The board thanked Dale for his
comments and will be sure to pass them on to the town crew as well.

Next meeting date was set for March 13, 2013.

There being no further business to discuss, motion by Helen Dennis,
second by David Kinsley, to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.
                                                 Lori Van Winkle,
                      February 15, 2013



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