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January 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes


Monthly Meeting                                                       
    January 11, 2012

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors
was called to order on January 11, 2012 at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman James
Genrich.  Present were Supervisors David Kinsley and Helen Dennis,
Clerk Lori Van Winkle and 12 citizens.
Chairman Genrich welcomed everyone; the pledge of allegiance was
recited.  Motion by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to approve
the agenda as presented, motion carried.

Motion by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to approve the
Meeting minutes from December 5, 2011, December 6 – 9th, 2011,
December 13-16th, 2011 and December 14, 2011 as presented, motion

 License/Zoning Issues – Motion by Helen Dennis, seconded by David
Kinsley to approve operator licenses for Faye Rogers, Mercedie Wiley
and Melissa Negri, motion carried.

A Special Use permit was sent from County Zoning to the Town for Kevin
Blaha to construct a dwelling on 5 acres on Thornapple Grade in Ag
zoned area.  The Blaha family (Parents) own 269 acres in that area and
have deeded 5 acres to Kevin where he will construct this dwelling.  A
driveway permit had been inspected previously by supervisor Helen
Dennis, all was satisfactory.  There were no objections from the board
or audience, motion by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to
approve the permit, motion carried.

Highway/Road Report - with the milder weather the Town Crew has been
able to complete gravel on North and South Clover Roads, there will be
some finishing in the spring to prep it for blacktop.

There were no unfinished business issues to discuss.

New Business – Esther and Bill Musser were in the audience and asked
the Town Board if they would allow them to come back to the Town Hall
again on Saturday evenings from 4:30 to 8:00 P.M for their church
services. They had used the Town Hall previously and paid the Town
$100.00.  Their current location has increased their rent which they
can no longer afford.  David Kinsley responded that they approved this
in the past and he was ok with them using it again, Helen Dennis
agreed, motion by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis for approval
of the Mussers to hold their services at the Town Hall on Saturday
evenings beginning this Saturday 1-14-2012, motion carried.  There was
no discussion or comments from the audience regarding this.  Esther
thanked the board.

Chairman Genrich expressed that the town trucks used for snow plowing,
hauling and sanding are in deteriorating condition, they were used
trucks when they purchased them, they have had a lot of use since and
have served the town well, but have also undergone numerous repairs in
the past to keep them functional and have reached a point where it is
no longer cost effective to continue to repair them.  David Martin
town crew member was in the audience and confirmed the same; stating
that Bob Melchert has done several welding repairs to keep them going
and they are just getting beyond repair now.  David Martin also stated
one of the trucks will need to go in for an overhaul this year at a
cost of approximately $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 and isn’t worth putting
that kind of money into old equipment.   The board along with the town
crew has explored many options and has obtained proposals from several
truck companies for replacement trucks.  Helen Dennis stated that they
purchased those trucks used for $30,000.00 and Kenworth for example is
willing to allow $29,000.00 for trade.

Proposals received so far including trade in values are averaging per
truck as follows:
International - $82,500.00, Kenworth - $74,771.00, Freightliner -
$98,189.00, Western Star - $113,761.00 we are still waiting for
Peterbuilt.  These are trucks only, no boxes or plows.  We have also
inquired about the plows and boxes and side wings from Monroe Truck
Equipment, the truck box and side wing cost is $39,895.00 and plows an
added $5,658.00.  All cost considered, average price complete would be
$121,000.00.  Financing has been discussed with Chippewa Valley Bank
for $200,000.00 for a 4 year term, interest rate will depend upon
rates at the time of order; estimated at 4.5 % to 4.75%.  If our
budget will allow, we may be able to pay them off in 3 years or less,
which would still allow us to operate with 4 years left on the
original 7 year warranty which will reduce repair costs significantly.
 The costs involved will have no impact on property taxes.  We have
budgeted $240,000.00 for new equipment this year.  Of that we paid
$90,000.00 for the new loader and are estimating $20,000.00 to
$25,000.00 for a Semi tractor, $18,000.00 for a mower and boom and
$8,000.00 to $8,500.00 for a compactor.  This will allow us a down
payment of $45,000.00 on the new trucks and $55,000.00 left in our
budget to work with.  Chairman Genrich expressed that he feels we are
at a point that trade value is important to consider too and these
trucking companies are offering some pretty good values on the trucks
as is.  A question was asked from the audience why we need to replace
both trucks this year, why not one now and one next year?    The
response is we are getting a substantially better deal trading two
vehicles and because the boxes are so bad they would need a lot of
costly repair work this year and then an overhaul on another one at a
cost of $25,000.00 is just not a cost effective approach.  Another
comment from the audience was that it would be nice if the board could
put together a summary of what was presented this evening and
recommendation and opinions, basically a facts and figures summary for
the public to review and to hear from the people who use these
vehicles and rely on their recommendations and opinions too.  The
board commented that they do rely on the crew and have discussed with
them and trust their opinions and recommendations and this is not
something the board is rushing into that there has been much
discussion and research and review so far and more to come yet before
they finalize anything.   Chairman Genrich stated we will prepare a
fact sheet and have it ready for the public when the agenda for the
February meeting comes out. 
 He also stated that the board would like to review and research
everything thoroughly and hopefully be ready to make a decision at the
February 2012 meeting.  Chairman Genrich states that he knows folks
are wondering about their tax dollars, he states that because items
were not being replaced when needed in the past it has forced us to
make several improvements and upgrades all at once.  Again, it will
not have an effect on property taxes.

Another question was asked from the audience how we stand with other
equipment such as graders and loaders and those kinds of things? 
Chairman Genrich and David Martin responded that most of the other
equipment is in fairly good shape.    

County Supervisor Warren Johnson gave his report – Good news is they
reissued the bonds for the jail on Tuesday hoping to save a couple
hundred thousand dollars over the next 12 years and the total savings
will be $377,547.28.  Bad news is that building and sanitary permit
revenues were down last year and logging revenues were also down which
may have an effect on the towns budget.  The 911 committee met on
12-28-11 and feel they still want to change the road names, mainly for
public safety reasons.  The committee will now prepare a new list of
the road names listing all the duplicate road names and indicating
which ones will be changed and which will remain.  A public hearing
will be held regarding these changes.  Helen Dennis asked Warren how
they will determine which road names will be changed?  Warren
responded that they have looked at the population on the roads and the
road with the most population would remain and the others would be
changed.  He said he believes they will allow the Towns to have some
negotiations on it, but there’s much work to be done on this issue. 
He states it was passed in a hurry for public safety reasons and they
are still fairly adamant about it, but it has not passed the full
county board yet.  There will be a public hearing where our Town can
have their voice heard but he’s not sure it will have an impact as
other towns don’t seem to be too concerned about it.  Warren stated
that 6 months ago a motion was passed to go through with these
changes, however at this time they have not drafted or passed an
ordinance or decided on which roads will be changed.  If these changes
go through, all costs involved will be entirely the cost of the
municipality there will be no financial help from the county.  

Correspondence/Contacts – A thank you letter was received from Senator
Herb Kohl’s office which was read, thanking the town for use of the
Town Hall for meeting the public.

Disbursements were presented, motion by Helen Dennis, seconded by
David Kinsley, to approve the disbursements as presented, motion

The floor was open to the public; a comment was made regarding the
check for $33,506.81 to the Winter Fire Dept and that it is irritating
to see this.  A lengthy discussion took place regarding the fire
board, the fire board agreement and concerns and issues within the
agreement that are not fair.  The main emphasis being that the town of
Winter pays approximately 93% of the Fire Department Budget, while the
Village of Winter pays approximately 8%, but the voting members are
equal.  Basically the town has 93% of the pay and only 50% of the say
on the board, which is not fair.
The town board agrees there are issues and fine tuning that needs to
be done with that agreement and plans to address the issues.  

Another question was asked why the snow plowing amounts paid are
different?  It was explained how the costs are derived, on a per
minute basis and the length of time required to complete snowplowing
of a driveway.  

The next meeting date was set for February 8, 2012.

There being no further business, motion by David Kinsley, seconded by
Helen Dennis to adjourn the meeting, motion carried, meeting was

                                  Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                                  January 16, 2012





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