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June 9, 2011 June 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes


Monthly Meeting                                                       
                          June 9, 2011

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors
was called to order on June 9, 2011 at 7:00 PM by Chairman James
Genrich with Supervisors Helen Dennis and David Kinsley, clerk Lori
Van Winkle and 17 citizens in attendance.  Chairman Genrich welcomed
everyone and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

Chairman Genrich asked for a motion to approve the agenda, Helen
Dennis requested that we add to the agenda, item 17A electrical
problems in the building and 21A appointing a person to the library
board.   David Kinsley made a motion, seconded by Helen Dennis to
approve the agenda, motion carried.

Chairman Genrich asked for a motion to approve the meeting minutes
from May 11th, 2011, Helen Dennis asked that a correction be made on
page 2 under  public concerns related to the doc on Lake Winter near
the Rustic Inn, it should be corrected to a fishing dock that is
handicap accessible.  The clerk noted the correction.  Helen Dennis
made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from May 11, 2011,
seconded by David Kinsley, motion carried.

David Kinsley made a motion, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the
disbursements, motion carried.  

Regarding the snow plow season for 2011-2012, because of increased in
fuel costs, the board feels an increase in snow plow rates would be in
order, from $2.00 to $2.50 per minute.  There are approximately 300
people plowed each season and timed at each plowing. David Kinsley
made a motion, seconded by Helen Dennis to increase the snow plow rate
to $2.50 per minute, motion carried.  Dale Stotesbury commented that
these are the best snow plowing deals around and that the Town does an
excellent job plowing.   Renewal Snowplow contracts and last seasons
billings will be mailed out in July.

The board had considered changing meeting nights to Thursdays, but
because of school sports activities that take place on Tuesdays and
Thursdays, it was decided to keep the monthly board meetings on
Wednesday nights, Helen Dennis made a motion, seconded by David
Kinsley to change the monthly board meetings back to Wednesday nights
beginning in July, motion carried. 

A motion was made by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis to pay
the regularly scheduled payment to the Fire Department for the Towns
share in the amount of $24,841.55.  John Andrews asked what the Fire
Departments budget is for the year, David Kinsley stated he did not
have the exact figures in front of him, but a ball park figure would
be approximately $90,000.00 plus, the Towns share is approximately
92%.   John Andrews asked if the escalating costs of fire protection
would be addressed in the future.   David Kinsley, responded that it
was his opinion when they formed this agreement and bought into it
that it would give the Town Board an opportunity to have more control
over spending and the Town board as a whole will be keeping a close
eye on the expenditures of the Fire Department.  Helen Dennis
mentioned that at the last Fire Board meeting there had already been
discussion, recommendations and changes made that will be more
positive for the Town, one item was purchasing a brush truck, and the
Town was not in favor of this.   John Andrews asked what some of the
recommendations and changes were, Helen Dennis stated the Fire Chief
will no longer be appointed, he will be elected by the firemen
themselves and it will then come before the board for approval.  At
this time the fire chief was appointed for 1 year and next year prior
to the annual meeting in May, the fire men will be electing their
chief.   There are concerns about the reduced number of fire fighters
and training and what we can do to get this training completed.  Dale
Stotesbury commented that the Town pays 90% of the cost, owns 50% of
the fire department and paid $100,000.00 to the Fire Department 2
years ago, so what did that buy the town?  David Kinsley responded
that we now have 50% ownership and now we have a say in how the money
is spent.  Dale also asked about the certifications and how many
certified fire men we have, we could not give an exact number at this
time, however, we are working on getting these people certified as
soon as possible.  The fire men have attempted to get their
certifications only to be turned down by WITC because they will not
teach the class with less than 10 people in attendance.  We are
looking into increasing the numbers in attendance for the classes by
joining with fire fighters from larger fire departments like Ladysmith
or Hayward that also have people who need certifications.    Dale
Stotesbury asked if we have considered  a Sawyer County Fire
Protection district.  Because this problem with low numbers of firemen
is not getting better, itís all over there are many small towns that
have fire trucks and no firemen and he expressed the importance of
increasing the numbers of fire men to respond when needed.  He stated
like the EMTs perhaps the firemen be compensated too as no one works
for nothing any more and as a citizen he is willing pay these fireman.
 Dale also mentioned that Wisconsin has a retirement system for
volunteer fire men now and perhaps we should look into that.   Helen
Dennis encouraged everyone to attend the next Fire Board meeting in
July.   Chairman Genrich also stated that there were numerous items
discovered that had not been updated previously in the
bylaws/agreement for the Fire Board and at the next meeting these will
be reviewed again and updated so we are acting in accordance and that
he felt we are headed in a positive direction.  John Andrews added
that once the debt is out of the way we can get back to more
reasonable costs of operation.  If you look at our fire department we
are probably one of the highest volunteer fire department costs in the
state because of the new building and all the debt that was incurred
in the past few years and until we get that debt out of the way we
need to put the brakes on the spending, the board agreed.    Helen
Dennis responded that the debt on the building is approximately
$164,000.00 and $70,000.00 on the truck.  Our main goal now is getting
our experienced trained fireman back on board with the fire

Liquor License, applications were announced by the clerk, David
Kinsley made a motion to approve the licenses contingent upon full
payment of the license fees, seconded by Helen Dennis, motion carried.
  Operators License applications were announced by the clerk, Helen
Dennis made a motion to approve the operators licenses, seconded by
David Kinsley, motion carried.  Cigarette Licenses were announced by
the clerk, David Kinsley made a motion to approve them, seconded by
Helen Dennis, motion carried.

Cade Clark has requested a zoning change from AG 1 to Residential he
is moving a cabin to this property on Larson Road which is Forestry on
one side of the road and Agricultural on the other side.  Helen Dennis
has reviewed this request and verified that it   conforms to our
comprehensive plan.  Steve Schultz stated that he does not know what
gain it would be to change from Ag to Residential because you can
still put a house in Ag zoning and by making this change he only gains
limitations that he cannot do on Ag.  Warren Johnson stated they have
a meeting at the county on Friday,  however he was not aware of  this.
 It was decided to postpone a decision on this until we have more
information from county zoning on it.

Redistricting is as follows, Ward 1 will be everything North of Hwy 70
and Ward 2 and the Village of Winter will be everything South of Hwy
70. The new maps illustrating the change are displayed on the bulletin
board in the Town Hall.  Helen Dennis made a motion, seconded by David
Kinsley to approve these redistricting changes, motion carried.

Kids fishing day is June 18, 2011, with kids arriving at 8:30 am
through 1:00 pm.  Because of the time involved for this activity, a
porta potty will be set up on Olson Rd in the am and removed in the pm
and the Town will be paying for this at $85.00.    Helen Dennis made a
motion, seconded by David Kinsley to approve the porta potty for this
event, motion carried.

Nuisance Pet Control Services, is a unit of government run by the
United States Dept of Agriculture, from Rhinelander, WI.  We have
inquired about their services as we have some beaver problems on some
of the town roads.  Their services include trapping the beaver,
destroying the beaver dams, clearing out the culverts, all contacts
with the property owners, erecting signs and licensing and permits
where necessary. They  assume all responsibility which takes the
liability off the Town.  Their contract is from May to mid October and
can be used as many times as needed.  The maximum cost is $549.00 per
year for the entire season and the cost could be less depending upon
how often the service is used.  With comments from the audience it was
agreed that this is an excellent program, well worth the money and
should be renewed each year.  Helen Dennis made a motion to contract
with USDA Animal Control for their services, seconded by David
Kinsley, motion carried.

Highway/Road reports, June 1, 2011, inspections were done of Town
Roads.  Old Hwy 70 will be prepared and allowed to sit over the winter
months with blacktopping next spring.  West Lane has beaver problems
that the Town will be working on, work has been done with the
reclaimer and grader which have improved West Lane greatly.  South
Clover Road also will be prepared for blacktopping.  Brunet River
Bridge, needs rip rap and guard rail, permits were approved in 2008 or
2009 however the work was never started, the permits are still valid
we just need to get the U.S. Army Corps of engineers in place and then
we can proceed. We also met with DNR personnel at Flambeau State
Forest, they have a project they would like the Town to do, hauling
gravel from their pit to the roads which they will pay the town for
just using the big dump trucks.  West Barber roads needs ditch clean
up and gravel on the road.  

Terry Strouf offered to sell gravel to the Town for crushing at his
pit for .75cents per yard and Petrie Crushing agreed to the same price
for the crushing for a combined price of $3.70 to $3.75 per yard
crushed, which is a very good price as others are charging
approximately $6.00 per yard for gravel.  David Kinsley and Helen
Dennis agreed itís a win win situation, itís a great price, hauling
distance is short which will save on fuel costs and itís very good
gravel per crew foreman David Martin.  A motion was made by David
Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis that we purchase a minimum of 5,000
yards, motion carried.

There is a need for Fire Proof Cabinets in the building for securing
important records of the town.   Discussion followed with the advice
from the audience to purchase something quality that will last and
will meet our needs for the future and to also check with the State
for contract pricing on these items which offer reduced cost over
retail cost..  Another suggestion was to use off site storage done
electronically by computer.  We already utilize off site storage for
payroll records, but there are numerous other records that need to be

Insurance policy deductibles for the Town building and equipment are
currently at $250.00 deductible.  The majority of the repair work on
machinery would be minimal because it is steel which the crew repairs
themselves and there have been very few claims incurred so we have
requested premium cost comparisons with increased deductibles.  The
agent, offered estimated savings at this time, based upon a $2500.00
deductible, the savings in premium would be approximately $2300.00 to
$2500.00 annually.  Discussion followed with agreement that an
increase in deductible would be a good business decision, we will meet
with the agent to get exact pricing and report back at next months

Unfinished business, at last months meeting David Biller asked for a
donation toward the construction of the dug outs at the ball diamond
in the village.  He was to also inquire with the Village of Winter and
Town of Ojibwa regarding it and report back at this meeting, David was
not in attendance, therefore, we did not act on this.

New Business, Helen Dennis reported that since Lori has been in office
and we have done some clean up and experimenting we have discovered
some safety issues that needed to be taken care of.  There were live
electrical wires exposed near the heating vents which  Dale Stotesbury
immediately came in and took care of for us. Weíve discovered outlets
that either do not work, or when used sizzle and sparks come out of
them.  Another issue is the high humidity in the building and the
affect it has on office equipment, an air conditioning unit would not
only keep the building cooler but it would take out the humidity in
the building.   At this time, a ceiling fan in the meeting room is
being considered.  Also since we are checking the outlets and
replacing those weíve had trouble with, it would be best to replace
all the outlets as they do not meet code any longer and also ones that
will coordinate with the new painting that will take place.  Ed and
Liz Sheridan have offered to pay for all the paint and supplies needed
to paint the interior of the Town Hall.  They have given us
authorization to purchase whatever we need at the Winter Coop and
Winter Lumber.  We will begin painting as soon as possible.

A Thank you card was read from the Winter Senior Center for our
budgeted donation of $600.00.

John Andrews asked for an update on the Solid Waste, bylaws, board
members etc.  Chairman Genrich explained that at our recent meeting,
he was elected Chairman; Gayle Johnson is the Vice Chairman, Tom
Helsing and Terry Strouf are board members from Ojibwa and we have a
committee assigned to rewrite the bylaws.  In review of the past
records the town has not been properly reimbursed for expenses of the
Solid Waste and we are looking at making some changes to ensure the
towns reimbursements are done accordingly.  We did not give them the
$4000.00 they requested earlier this spring as we felt they had enough
funds to support them at the time and now the $7,775.00 grant money
has arrived and the revenues from the solid waste have been more than
usual because EVERYONE is now paying for their bags and since our
meeting with the Waste Management reps the Waste Management bills have
decreased each month from what they were in 2010 also.  There was
discussion related to how many people are on the Solid Waste board and
how many are really needed.  Chairman Genrich stated that he felt we
have a good working relationship with the members of the board and
Lori Van Winkle is also the clerk-treasurer on the board and we will
function this way until September.       

Regarding sale of Machinery, June 1st, David Martin and Jim Genrich
did an inventory of items and equipment that can be sold.  We have
reviewed the Lust Auction online Auction Service which is worldwide. 
There is no cost factor to the town and anyone can bid and we would
accept the highest bidder.  Itís one of the fairest ways to sell these
items and we will get our top dollar.  We will advertise in the local
paper which will direct people to the website for information and if
they choose to inspect the items we will have them set up on display
at the town shop with information directing them to the website to
place a bid.  

Regarding appointment of new members for the Comprehensive Planning
Board, Steve Schultz has agreed to remain on the board as chairman for
1 year and we also need members for 2 and 3 years terms.  John Andrews
offered to serve on the board.  A question was asked if you had to be
a WI resident to be on the board, David Kinsley replied that we would
prefer it be a Town of Winter Resident since it is the Town of Winter
Comprehensive Board.  Steve Schultz explained that it would depend
upon the vision of what you will be utilizing the board for, depending
upon the definition of their duties, whether it be action on every
zoning issue or a question on property use; that would require year
round action, however, if you are making a decision with the
comprehensive plan that has been established it may not require year
round action.

Steve Helmers explained there has always been confusion related to
this and explained there are two separate entities involved; The
Comprehensive Planning Commission and the Planning Commission.  The
Comprehensive planning commission was developed for people to work on
the plan.  The Planning Commission (NOT THE COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING
COMMISION), are by ordinance a legally ordained entity of the Town of
Winter.  More discussion followed and it was agreed that an
application for these positions will be developed and people who may
be interested can contact Steve Schultz or the Town for more
information to be sure they understand what the duties of this board
are prior to applying for the position.  Chairman Genrich explained
that we would like to see people in other areas of the township
involved too, people from Connors Lake area, Hunter Lake area, etc. 
Warren Johnson explained that the plan is done, however the board
needs to look at it and review it.  We will rely on Steve Schultz to
explain the duties in a meeting for those who show interest.

Helen Dennis reported on the recent library board meeting, there are
two positions up for appointment for another term, Judy Flannigan and
Kate Koosman, both have agreed to remain for another term and the
library board requested that Helen present this at the town meeting
for approval and appointment.  There was discussion related to if it
was necessary to make a motion or just appoint by the chairman and
also that since Kate is a Town of Ojibwa resident, we can only act on
the Town of Winter resident Judy Flannigan. Helen expressed they are
both experienced and do a good job and recommended both of them and
then made a motion, seconded by David Kinsley to appoint Judy
Flannigan for another term, motion carried.  Helen Dennis also stated
that there are 3 public libraries in Sawyer County, Hayward, LCO and
Winter and thereís been talk about the County possibly taking over the
libraries.  Ron Kinsley is the representative on the County Library
Board and will be attending a meeting related to this and report back.
 Warren Johnson added that the discussion is at this time strictly
review and exploration to determine if this would be cost effective. 

The next meeting date was set for Wednesday July 13, 2011 at 7:00 PM. 
A motion was made by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to
adjourn, motion carried.  


                       Lori Van Winkle, clerk
                               June 16, 2011              




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