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May 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

MEETING MINUTES                                           
MAY 13, 2015

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were
board members Terry Patenaude, Ronald Barnaby, clerk- treasurer Lori
Van Winkle and 17 audience members.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Chairman Kinsley welcomed

Motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by Terry Patenaude to approve the
agenda as presented, motion carried.

Audience Recognition:  Audience Member Diane Baumer expressed she was
here regarding discontinuation of snowplowing for residents, Chairman
Kinsley asked her to wait until we get to that part of the agenda for

Audience member Kurt Swedberg stated he had questions regarding the
2014 Budget, Chairman Kinsley replied, we will see if we can answer
your questions now.  Kurt questioned the compensation of the Chairman,
Supervisors and the Clerk.  Kurt stated he just wanted to be sure what
he was reading here was correct and quoted several figures.  The
questions were confusing as they did not correlate with a budget. 
Chairman Kinsley verified with Kurt that he was in fact referring to
the 2014 budget figures?  Kurt replied yes.  Since these figures would
have been from November 2013 (1 ½ yrs. prior) when the budget was
set, the board could not give accurate answers off the top of their
heads from that long ago.  Chairman Kinsley requested Kurt put all his
questions in writing so we could be specific with our answers. 
Chairman Kinsley asked Kurt if he had any more questions,  Kurt
responded that he just wanted to point out that at the last Fire Board
meeting there was a raise of  $50.00 per month approved for the Fire
Board Clerk and Fire Board Treasurer, he then stated that the Town
board doesn’t set the clerks wages.  Chairman Kinsley responded, on
the fire board, the fire board sets the wages.   Kurt replied that the
fire board does not set the clerks wages, the town meeting sets the
clerks wages by state law.  Chairman Kinsley, Supervisor Barnaby and
Lori all responded to Kurt, stating that is not the case on the fire
board, as it is separate and governed by the Fire Board Joint
Agreement.  Kurt then argued that it is town money from the town’s
budget that pays the wage therefore it was illegal.  Chairman Kinsley
stopped Kurt and advised him again to put his requests in writing to
the board and they will then respond to him, Kurt agreed.  Chairman
Kinsley asked if there was anything else and Kurt replied no that was
pretty much all he had for this month.  Chairman Kinsley asked if
anyone else had any questions and there were none.  

Motion by Supervisor Barnaby, second by Chairman Kinsley to approve
the meeting minutes as presented, motion carried.

License / Zoning:  Chairman Kinsley stated there were a couple land
use permits approved this month.  Brad and Linda Wildes zoning change
was approved by the County, as well as a few other zoning items we
approved at our previous meetings.  

Highway / Road report:  Chairman Kinsley stated we have received one
proposal for blacktopping from Monarch Blacktopping.   Monarch Rep Tom
Gangnon was in the audience and Chairman Kinsley addressed him,
stating the proposal is broken down with a price for each road; can
you give us an average cost?  Tom replied to do all the roads it would
average $62.64 per ton.  Supervisor Patenaude asked is this warm mix
or hot mix?  It is hot mix.  Chairman Kinsley asked if this proposal
included all the prep work and everything, Tom replied yes, except for
the two overlays.  Tom added on the overlay roads the Town would be
responsible for sweeping the roads to be sure they were clean. 
Supervisor Patenaude asked how much cheaper warm mix is than hot mix;
Tom replied that warm mix actually costs more.  Chairman Kinsley asked
if there is an advantage to warm mix over hot mix.  Supervisor
Patenaude stated the County is going to it because it was cheaper. 
Tom replied the warm mix is the same as hot mix except for the
additive in it to allow them to use it at a slightly warmer
temperature and it doesn’t age the asphalt prematurely so they are
seeing less cracking but it is still exactly the same mix, just has
the additive. Lengthy discussion took place regarding the use of Tack
Coat, blacktop over lays, pulverizing etc.  The total blacktop
proposal cost is $288,898.14, the town has budgeted $200,000.00
Chairman Kinsley asked if Monarch would be willing to carry the Town
for approximately $100,000.00 until the end of the first quarter of
2016.  Tom replied it’s been done in the past but he would need to get
permission.  Regarding Tack Coat Supervisor Patenaude stated he would
recommend it to keep it from sliding.  Tom stated compared to last
year the price for oil is about the same and the biggest difference in
the cost here is that it will be coming from the Thompson pit on HWY
27 which is a lot closer than last year.  Tom stated that Dave Martin
had asked him to add a couple of those little roads in on the
proposal, Chairman Kinsley replied yes, since you would already be in
the area it is good time to get them done.  Tom suggested some of the
small roads could be removed from the proposal, to get the cost down. 
Tom stated Monarch plans to set up plant the 15th of June and stated
they need to know as soon as possible so they can get to work crushing
material and they don’t want to have a bunch of extra material.  
Chairman Kinsley and Supervisor Barnaby were in favor of this proposal
as long as they will carry us over at no interest.  Additional
discussion took place regarding pulverizing.   Chairman Kinsley asked
the cost to pulverize, Tom gave a ballpark price of $6 to 8,000.00 per
mile and if the Town were to do pulverizing, they would need to let
Monarch know within a week so Tom could get a cost to the Town. 
Chairman Kinsley made a motion to accept the blacktop proposal
contingent upon some fluctuations in tons and they will need to review
the other information whether to pulverize or not, second by
Supervisor Barnaby, motion carried.  Chairman Kinsley signed the
proposal for Tom.  Tom will put together additional figures for
pulverizing and email it to us.  Audience member Dale Stotesbury
suggested since we have some opinions of people here who work with
this that maybe we should review this and have them rebid the project?
 Chairman Kinsley responded, the work discussed would just add more
cost to the project, that the blacktop portion remains the same. 
Scott Vaverka agreed with Chairman Kinsley and said the question is
whether to pulverize or not.  Supervisor Patenaude asked if there were
any of the roads on the list we could eliminate this year and do the
pulverizing instead?  Chairman Kinsley replied possibly.  Supervisor
Patenaude stated we could make up the difference by having a better
road; there is no sense wasting the blacktop and having it go bad in a
couple years.

Crack sealing of roads – it was decided the board will put together a
list of roads that may need crack sealing and review it.  The clerk
was advised to add this to the June meeting agenda.  

Unfinished Business:  Regarding resolution to release interest in
property.  After further investigation on this property, it was
discovered the Town had done a resolution for this in 2002; however,
nothing was presented to the county to have the records updated. 
After verifying with the land records and register of deeds offices,
to complete this transaction, it requires a Quit Claim Deed to release
the towns “interest” in the property back to the property owner as
well as a WI Real Estate Transfer.  Lori has drafted the Quit Claim
deed and transfer forms for signatures and spoke to the property owner
to advise him he will be responsible for the cost of recording fees
and we have received his check.  Motion by Supervisor Patenaude to
approve the quit claim deed to release the interest of a future town
road, second by Supervisor Barnaby, motion carried.  David Kinsley and
Ronald Barnaby signed the quit claim deed on behalf of the Town, Lori
notarized it, the deed and WI Real Estate Transfer request and the
property owners’ check will be forwarded to the county for recording. 

Approval of Public Depository: Motion by Supervisor Patenaude, second
by Chairman Kinsley to approve Chippewa Valley Bank as the public
depository for Town accounts, motion carried.

Approval of Helen Dennis as Town of Winter representative on the
Library Board: Research had been done regarding representatives on the
Library Board, it was determined  it is not required the person be a
Town Board member, they are required to be a Town resident, Helen
Dennis has agreed to continue her term as a representative for the
Town of Winter on the library board, a motion was made by Supervisor
Barnaby to approve Helen Dennis to continue as representative for the
Town on the Library board, second by Chairman Kinsley, motion

Approval of Jiffy Biffy for boat landings: The Town typically around
June 1st  places a porta potty at the boat landing by the Rustic Inn
and the Price Dam and in July and August at Bluegill Lake landing.  
Supervisor Patenaude asked if we had any other prices on these,
Chairman Kinsley responded in the past there were no others that were
willing to do this, motion by Supervisor Patenaude, second by
Supervisor Barnaby to approve these for the boat landings, motion
carried.  Supervisor Patenaude questioned what would happen if one of
these burned up as the State just had that occur?  Chairman Kinsley
referred to Lori, who stated she would look into it, but in her
opinion since they are not our property, we are renting the units, she
did not feel it would be the Towns responsibility but will look into
it further.

Approval of the Jiffy Biffy for Winter Lakes kids fishing event:  the
event takes place on June 20th, motion by Supervisor Barnaby, second
by Chairman Kinsley to approve this for the event, motion carried. 
Supervisor Patenaude added that the Winter Lakes also contacted the
Fire Department to close the road for the event, so we should add this
to next months agenda for approval.  

Discussion to discontinue snowplowing of driveways: There was a
lengthy discussion regarding snowplowing.  Supervisor Patenaude has a
private snowplow business, therefore abstained from comments during
this discussion.  Chairman Kinsley stated he had brought this up at
the Annual Meeting last month but there were not many people in
attendance, but felt it was a 50/50 mix for and against it.  He
believes the Towns of Winter and Draper are probably the only Towns
still plowing driveways.  He nor the crew are complaining about it,
but it does end up many times to be Overtime for the crew, and even
though the contract states the Town is not liable for damages, every
year we get calls from property owners who insist the Town repair
their driveways or lawns or what not, many are elderly and not able to
do it themselves so we are repairing too.  The Town has a lot of roads
and we are required to do roads first but what happens is that if we
are not out there plowing driveways by noon the calls with complaints
begin, so to please people we have been plowing main roads first,
driveways next and then the secondary roads (forest and logging
roads).  Supervisor Barnaby added and then there is sanding of roads
too and then if we have a back to back snowfall then the crew really
doesn’t know what to do, if we start on driveways then the roads
suffer and if someone goes in the ditch or something then we get that
complaint call too.  It’s getting overwhelming with the number of
driveways we have, (314 last season).  It was suggested we may need to
hire seasonal help and maybe charge more.  Supervisor Barnaby
responded that sounds like a good idea but you can’t put just anyone
in a $150,000.00 piece of equipment and expect them to be running the
next day.  A suggestion was made to look at hiring an outside company
for plowing the driveways only, for example Thompsons’, but others
commented that would be way too costly for the Town to do this.  It
was mentioned that the majority of the damages to our equipment, such
as broken mirrors and ripped off wiper blades and broken lights are
happening in the private driveways not the roads.  Another comment was
that the Town must be losing money on this for the price they plow for
and that is probably the main reason to get out of it.  There were
several comments that the Town should increase the snow plow charges
because people are willing to pay more, enforce the driveway
requirements to avoid damage to equipment and enforce the Town we will
not be responsible for damages to lawns, driveways etc., and if the
people are not willing to wait 2 or 3 days to get plowed they will
just need to find another way and have a backup plan if needed.  

From someone that feels we should discontinue snowplowing services,
his comment is that the town should be fiscally responsible and with
what the town is charging to plow the driveways now, the town can’t
possibly make enough to be fiscally responsible, the Town is losing
money with this and he feels we should stop plowing driveways. 

Chairman David Kinsley stated he was going to stick his neck out on
this and he motioned to discontinue snowplowing of driveways, second
by Supervisor Barnaby, Supervisor Patenaude abstained, motion carried.

A comment was made from the floor that is was not very encouraging to
know that so many people here have spoken in favor of continuing
plowing and then the board just ignores us,  she did not understand
this, the board is here to represent the people.  Chairman Kinsley
then asked for a show of hands of the people in favor of discontinuing
snow plowing, there were 4 of the 15 audience members in favor of
discontinuing.   A comment was made that the board needs to take note
of this show of hands.  Several people then commented that many of the
314 property owners who are plowed were probably not aware that this
was even being considered and had they known there would have been a
larger crowd here tonight.  Chairman Kinsley stated it was on the
agenda and he actually thought more people would have been here.  

It was suggested we notify all the 314 people involved to get their
input and then have a special meeting to make a decision on this. 
Chairman Kinsley stated we don’t like to call special meetings because
we catch flack on that too.   Chairman Kinsley stated he would rescind
his motion for this if Supervisor Barnaby wants to rescind his and we
will put this on the June Meeting agenda to allow people to publicly
advertise this and get the word out.  Supervisor Barnaby did rescind
his second on the motion.  There were several thank yous from the
audience.  Lori was advised to include this on the June agenda.

Approve Cemetery Levy Payment:  Lori explained this is to support and
assist the cemetery with operating expenses and it is a levied amount
due each year.  Motion by Supervisor Patenaude, second by Supervisor
Barnaby to approve the payment of $4000.00, motion carried.

Approval of Disbursements:  There were no questions related to the
disbursements, motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by Chairman Kinsley to
approve the disbursements as presented, motion carried. Check # 17158
through 17180 was approved in the amount of $37,801.93.  Account
balances 4-30-15 General account balance $19,712.96, MMA account
balance $280,621.93, LGIP account balance $219,628.99.  

Correspondence/Contacts:  Chairman Kinsley stated he received a phone
call from Dan Gustafson regarding the Hanson Bridge Project it’s been
decided to place a temporary bridge at that time to continue traffic;
the project is scheduled for 2018.  Supervisor Patenaude commented
that he had a great learning experience at the classes he attended at
Lakewood’s and hopes there will be more classes coming up.

Next meeting date was set for June 10, 2015.  Motion by Supervisor
Barnaby, second by Supervisor Patenaude to adjourn, motion carried.
                           Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                                                 May 19, 2015   


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