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May 19, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes

SPECIAL MEEETING MINUTES                                          MAY
19, 2015

A special meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were
supervisors Terry Patenaude and Ronald Barnaby, Clerk-Treasurer Lori
Van Winkle and Town Road Foreman David Martin.

The purpose for the meeting was to review the revised blacktop
proposal with pulverizing rather than overlays.  Chairman Kinsley
verified that everyone had a copy of the revised information that was
received today, which they did.

Chairman Kinsley asked Supervisor Patenaude his thoughts on it. 
Supervisor Patenaude stated he went out last Friday and checked out
all the roads involved and he feels that some of these gravel roads
are still not ready for blacktop; he thought Ehn Road was ready, but
Doak and Bauer Roads still were not ready they indicated frost
problems yet.  Supervisor Patenaude then asked how wide we were
planning to go on these as he measured and some of those roads are
only ready for 17í or 18í of blacktop.  Chairman Kinsley stated we
advertised for 18í, but he and Dave Martin looked at Simpson road and
if you look closely at the mail boxes on the road we may need to
narrow that to a 16í road, he added that is his opinion that would be
acceptable because it is not a heavy traffic road and minimum truck
traffic.  Chairman Kinsley stated we are aware that some of these
other roads need a little shaping up yet, Supervisor Patenaude replied
more gravel is needed on them.  Dave Martin replied they had not done
the added gravel yet because they were allowing the other roads like
Lake Winter Road to firm up a little more before they start pounding
them with heavy loads, Chairman Kinsley agreed and added we still have
4 culverts to change out too.  

Dave Martin informed the board that he feels the tonnage price was a
little high on these short roads because they basically have to back
in and thatís about it, he called the Monarch Reps, Tom and Chris to
discuss it.  He was told that it appeared it was not definite that we
would be doing all these roads and if they bring their plant here and
then we decide not to do these other roads itís a loss for them, which
is understandable.  David Martin added that he feels the prices on the
overlays were pretty fair but the tonnages were a little heavy on
them. Chairman Kinsley stated the contract does say tonnages are
approximate.  There was lengthy discussion on techniques used to
stretch the blacktop to fill in the lows etc. and still have a quality

Chairman Kinsley asked how the other members of the board feel about
pulverizing and stated in his opinion from what he has seen in the
past few years he did not feel it was worth the investment adding that
for Fishtrap Road alone we are talking almost $50,000.00 and that
doesnít include the gravel the town would need to provide and our
grader working behind the pulverizer, which is added town expense and
brings the totals up to more what it shows on this paper.  Supervisor
Patenaude stated he is just a believer in pulverizing from what he
sees on the county roads.  Supervisor Barnaby and Chairman Kinsley
referenced county highways where this had been done and they were not
convinced it was the best thing.  Supervisor Barnaby referenced the
overlay done on Fishtrap Lake road that was done 6 or 7 years ago and
how well it has held up.  Supervisor Barnaby stated he was not at all
in favor of pulverizing.  Supervisor Patenaude referenced Cty Rd G and
how well it held up; Chairman Kinsley responded that G doesnít have
the amount of traffic as others.  Dave Martin stated pulverizing does
have its place and referenced areas it would be good, but again stated
it all costs money and referenced 1 1/2 miles of road for $103,000.00
is pretty cheap blacktop if you can bring it back to last 20 years
verses a whole new mat by the time you are done it would be closer to
Supervisor Barnaby commented, there are other towns nearby that have
spent tens of thousands of dollars on a mile/ mile and a half for
blacktop and then the rest of the year there is no money left for
snowplowing, sanding etc. and we need to watch out for every road. 
Chairman Kinsley added that we are looking at doing a little over 3
miles of roads here.  David Martin said you need to look at doing a
lot with a little amount of money and also look at all the people on
these roads that have been eating dust all these years like Burlum
Road he added that once you have all these roads done, then you can go
back when you have more funds to work with.  Dave Martin also added it
will speed up snow plowing time too.

Chairman Kinsley asked if pulverizing is on the table or off the
Supervisor Patenaude replied well I guess you two really donít want to
do it.  Chairman Kinsley said he is looking at the cost factor of what
we want to do.  Supervisor Patenaude said well it would be eliminating
some roads for blacktopping to do pulverizing and stay within that
certain amount of money.   Chairman Kinsley stated originally he was
looking at spending $300,000.00, with the $200,000.00 we have in our
current budget and if Monarch would carry us over till next year for
the balance of $100,000.00(interest free), that would be our blacktop
budget for next year stating his reasoning behind this was that it is
always unknown if there will be a plant in the area in the next year
or two. Supervisor Barnaby stated he certainly agreed with that. 
Chairman Kinsley asked Supervisor Patenaude if he was in agreement
with that, he replied doing it that way, yes he was.  Supervisor
Patenaude asked David Martin if they are going to do some more work on
the roads first though, he referenced frost areas on Petit Road and
said he spoke with a homeowner on Bauer Rd that has a black top
driveway that are torn up and mentioned some pretty good frost spots
that had occurred.  Dave Martin and Chairman Kinsley both responded
that there is work to be done on some of these roads yet to get them
ready.  Dave Martin said it will be nice to get these roads paved it
will make a lot of people that have been waiting a long time very

Chairman Kinsley stated with this proposal of $288,898.00 doing all
these roads and the overlays plus the added blacktop patch that will
be needed for Old 70 he figured we would be around the $300,000.00
mark.  He will call Tom (Monarch Rep) in the morning and by making a
commitment to him for all of these roads will see if he can drop the
price any, it wonít hurt to ask.   Supervisor Barnaby replied that he
is in agreement with this, Supervisor Patenaude was asked if he was in
agreement he nodded his head yes.

A motion was made by Supervisor Barnaby to approve Monarch Paving
Companies first proposal (without pulverizing), second by Supervisor
Patenaude, motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned.  
                           Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
May 21, 2015




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