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May 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                                    MAY 8, 2013

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order by Chairman James Genrich at 7:00 P.M.   Present were
supervisors Helen Dennis and David Kinsley, Clerk-Treasurer Lori Van
Winkle, 5 citizens and Dan Thole, Town auditor.  The Pledge of
Allegiance was recited.

Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the agenda
as presented, motion carried.

Chairman Genrich welcomed everyone and stated Roberts Rules of order
will be followed, if you wish to speak, please raise your hand and
state your name for the record.

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the meeting
minutes from April 10, 2013 Regular Meeting and April 17, 2013 Special
Meeting as presented, motion carried.

A representative from Senator Jerry Petrowski’s office was in the
audience and given the floor.  Travis stated he was here as a rep for
Senator Petrowski for Sawyer, Rusk and Taylor counties.  He stated
Senator Petrowski must be in Madison twice a week and he wants the
people in our areas to know that he has not forgotten about us and he
is here to listen to any concerns we may have.  There were none.

Approval of the Towns 2012 Financial Report was postponed from the
Annual meeting to this meeting to allow our Auditor to be here to
review the report with the public.  Auditor Dan Thole from
CliftonLarsonAllen was given the floor.  Dan thanked the board for
having him and apologized for not being able to attend our annual
meeting, stating they have 28 townships where a lot of the annual
meetings fall on the same night it is difficult to attend them all. 
Dan stated he’d like to review Procedures, Improvements and
Recommendations for the future and Financial Highlights.  Dan
mentioned the Town of Winter uses the Cash Basis of accounting and
stated this is the method of accounting of the majority of townships
in the State.  For 2012 the Town retained 10.5 cents of every tax
dollar paid and the balance is distributed to the State, County,
School District and WITC.  The town ended the year with a positive
fund balance of $92,823.00 which auditors are happy to see as many end
the year with a negative balance.  For 2012 the total debt for the
Town is $200,000.00 which was for the purchase of the 2 Kenworth
Trucks.  Per WI Statutes the legal debt limit allowed for the Town of
Winter was $11,021,350.00 and the Town of Winter had only $200,000.00
debt.  That is a very good monitor of the financial stability of the
Town showing we are not over our heads in debt.  Dan expressed to keep
in mind 3 things, the cash basis of accounting is the method used by
the majority of townships in the State, the Town is not over their
heads in debt and the Town had money left over at year end, these are
all good monitors of sound business.  Next Dan mentioned the transfer
over to the new accounting software and commented doing this is a
painful process to say the least, Jim and Lori worked on this and did
an excellent job with it.  He also mentioned with the new accounting
program for our next budget cycle we may want to consider changing our
method of accounting to the Accrual Method and that our system is
designed for this.  He stated it is a more sophisticated system but it
gives a better picture of things and eliminates the need to backtrack
when completing the state reports etc.  Chairman Genrich asked if
anyone had any questions for Dan, there were none.  Chairman Genrich
asked from the audience for a motion to approve the Financial report
for 2012, motion by Gerald Kinsley, second by Heather Swedberg to
approve the financial report as presented, motion carried.

License / Zoning:  Liquor License Application for Flambeau Forest LLC,
Antoinette Slack agent was presented for approval.  Antoinette has
purchased the business, everything is satisfactory with license
requirements, the license would be approved and run through 6-30-13,
at which time a new application for the new term would be needed.
Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the Liquor
License for Flambeau Forest Inn, LLC, motion carried.  Antoinette was
in the audience and given her license at the end of the meeting.

A Liquor License application for the Rustic Inn has also been applied
for by Mary Kay Mork.  This has been an unusual circumstance as the
property was in bankruptcy.  The bank had to get the property out of
bankruptcy for it to be sold to the new owner which was uncertain on
the length of time it would take, until then Mary Kay would be leasing
the property.  We learned this week that the bank was successful and
the closing for the sale of the property to Mary Kay is this week on
Friday.  The board  will need to approve this license under a leased
agreement at this time.  Once the property has been sold, the board
will follow the normal process of publication etc. and call a special
meeting to approve the liquor license for Mary Kay as MK’s Rustic Inn.
Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the leased
liquor license for Mary Kay Mork, MK’s Rustic Inn under a lease
agreement at this time, motion carried.

An operator license application for Heather Fitzgerald for the Cabin
on Connors Lake was presented.  Heather has previously been licensed
in Price County; everything is satisfactory with license requirements.
 Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the
operator license for Heather Fitzgerald, motion carried.

Highway / Road Report:    The town has received 4 proposals for crack
sealing, Total Asphalt from Bruce, WI $17,188.00, Pitlick & Wick from
Eagle River, WI $45,215.00, Long Asphalt from Medord, WI $18,673.00
and Fahrner Asphalt from Plover, WI $30,200.00.  Motion by David
Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve Total Asphalt from Bruce,
WI for the 2013 crack sealing of roads for the Town at a price of
$17,188.00, motion carried.  Not all information has been received for
overlays therefore we will postpone this to our next meeting.

Unfinished Business:  Supervisor Kinsley asked where will our crew
begin with roads.  Chairman Genrich replied;  Cemetery Road will be
first.  Supervisor Kinsley suggested that since it’s only a couple
miles, that we truck the debris back to the Lagoon Road Pit and use it
to close off that pit; there will be good top soil involved that will
provide growth.  Supervisor Dennis stated she spoke with Dave Martin
and he found some good pit run there that we can use too and she also
agreed that it should be brought back to the Lagoon Pit as it would be
good for closing that pit off.  Motion by David Kinsley, second by
Helen Dennis to move the debris, top soil etc. to the Town pit on
Lagoon Road, motion carried.  Helen Dennis stated she was told there
may be issues with driveways where people will want culverts.  David
Kinsley asked if anyone has applied for driveway permits, the answer
is no.  Chairman Genrich stated if a culvert is requested by a
property owner based on circumstances involved we will decide at that
time.  Existing culverts will be replaced if required.  Chairman
Genrich stated he and Dave Martin took a ride yesterday down through
West Lane, Haystack, Thornapple, Old J areas where they had worked
last year and things were looking really good in those areas, the
water was high, but the culverts were taking it well and the roads
were in pretty good shape.  We do have some issues on Haystack and
Thornapple where Logging operations did some damages; one of our brand
new culverts was totally destroyed into pieces.  Forester Gregg
Peterson is coming this week he and Chairman Genrich plan to review
the damage further. There was another area 1 mile away from the
damaged area where that crew had done a very nice job cleaning up, it
looked very nice. Gerald Kinsley was in the audience and asked the
procedure with bonding.  Gerald stated loggers are required to post a
bond for damages and the forester signs off on it before they receive
it back.    

New Business:  A letter was read from the July Jubilee requesting a
donation to help with their event expenses.  Robert Schuck was in the
audience and is the President this year if the board had questions. 
Chairman Genrich stated the town has budgeted $1500.00 for this. 
Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to give the budgeted
amount of $1500.00 to the July Jubilee, motion carried.  Dave Kinsley
asked Robert if there was a band this year, Robert stated they will
have a DJ this year and will play a variety of music and will also
help with announcements of raffles and activities etc.  Robert thanked
the board.

A letter was read from the Winter Senior Citizens requesting a
donation to help with their expenses, specifically for their pre pay
LP Gas bill for the Winter site.  The town has budgeted $600.00 for
this.  Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to give the
budgeted amount of $600.00 to the Senior Citizens to be used for their
LP Gas with check payable to Rusk County Farm Supply, motion carried.

WTA Spring meeting is cancelled; no one will be attending in May.  

Porta Potties for the boat landings were discussed, per phone
discussion with Ce Ce from Jiffy Biffy; prices will remain the same
this year as last year.   The Town places these units at the Rustic
Inn Landing, Price Dam and later in the year one at Blue Gill.  The
unit placed at the Rustic Inn Landing is a Handicap assessable unit at
a cost of $110.00 per month; the other units are regular units at
$90.00 per month which includes cleaning service.  Motion by David
Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve placing the porta potties
at the boat landings discussed, motion carried. 

Correspondence / Contacts:    A letter was received from the Sawyer
County Surveyors
Office, a reminder to advise them in advance of any road work we may
be doing this year so they can check the survey marks and do whatever
is necessary to preserve them and their locations.  

Approval of Disbursements:  Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen
Dennis to approve the disbursements as presented, Check #15879 through
Check # 15911 in the amount of $30,017.42 was approved, motion
carried.  Account Balances as of April 30, 2013 – General Account
$21,316.26, MMA Savings Account $140,990.06, LGIP Machinery Account
$4,888.18, LGIP General Account $167,457.16.

There were no General Public concerns to discuss.

Next meeting date was set for June 12, 2013.

There being no further business to discuss, motion by David Kinsley,
second by Helen Dennis to adjourn, motion carried.

                                                 Lori Van Winkle,
                                                  May 15, 2013    



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