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May 9, 2012 May 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES	                                MAY 9, 2012

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors
was called to order by Chairman James Genrich at 7:00 p.m.  Present
was supervisor Helen Dennis, Supervisor David Kinsley arrived a few
minutes late, clerk-treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 15 citizens.  The
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by Chairman Genrich to approve the
agenda, motion carried.

Jerry Persons was in the audience and given the floor to speak, he
expressed that our end of Sawyer County needs more service from the
Transit System and he requested the town board to write a letter to
the county board regarding it.  He also expressed that the Winter area
lacks EMT’s; we also need to work on getting more EMT’s in our area. 
John Holm was in the audience, he stated the problem is the lack of
people available.  He works and when he’s not working he’s home with
his children while his wife is working, which makes it difficult to
serve and also find time to take the 120 hour EMT course.  Mr. Persons
stated perhaps we need to go to private ambulance service.  He asked
the two county board members in the audience to please take these
concerns to the county board and report back to the town board.

Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve the meeting
minutes from April 11, 2012, motion carried.

The towns’ auditor Daniel Thole from CliftonLarsonAllen was given the
floor to present the 2011 audit report.  Audit booklets were provided
for the public.   He reviewed the transactions of the town explaining
that the town uses a cash basis for accounting which is the same
system used by approximately 99% of other townships and is accepted by
the State.  Budgeted Receipts for 2011 was $841,893.00, Actual
Receipts taken in was $1,015,564.00, a positive variance of
$173,671.00.  A good share of the additional income was from the work
done for the DNR which brought in $55,135.00 and from the sale of hwy
equipment which brought in $36,900.00    Budgeted Disbursements for
2011 was $690,000.00, Actual Disbursements paid were $732,906.00, a
negative variance of $42,906.00.  The Town paid off their share of the
Fire Truck in the amount of $51,351.00 and incurred added expense for
gravel crushing that was done.  Dan explained that State Statutes
allow 5% of the equalized value of the town as an allowable amount
available for borrowing, which means the towns’ available borrowing
limit is $11,578,335.00.  The Town of Winter had  -0- debt at year
end. In 2012 after financing the new trucks in the amount of
$200,000.00 it still leaves the town with a substantial borrowing
balance if needed.  Dan explained in the end the Town came out better
than budgeted and the shining star is that the Town has no debt. 
Chairman Genrich added that we were over budget on the gravel crushing
and the payoff of the fire truck and it made good sense as long as the
funds were available to pay things off rather than paying interest. 
Warren Johnson commented that the last 3 years budgets always
projected spending more than what was taken in because of the fact
that our surplus funds were way to big; he offered his congratulations
and stated this board has finally gotten things in order.  He added
he’d spent 3 hours reviewing the audit report that afternoon and it
was a very good report.  

License / Zoning – A Special Use Application applied for by Steve
Kramer was sent to the Town for approval.  He plans to construction a
24x30 building at 5245W South Clover Road.  Its location is in
Forestry 1, over 5 acres and meets the specs of our comprehensive
plan, motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to approve his
special use application, motion carried.

Unfinished Business – Due to the size of the boxes on the new trucks
and the weight carrying capacities and bridge laws we realized the
trucks will need an additional axle to meet the weight limit laws.  We
priced Tag axles with Kenworth at $11,000.00 each which the board felt
was not acceptable, they also checked with Monroe trucks who quoted
$5595.00 each axle, this will also increase the value of the trucks. 
We have the money in our budget to pay for these as we have saved
money in other areas, there will be no financing involved.  A motion
was made by David Kinsley to purchase one axle for one truck and leave
the other as is because it was mentioned by the crew earlier there
were concerns about a tag or push axle being in the way with
snowplowing, James Genrich replied that when we start putting salt and
sand into the boxes we are going to run into weight problems, David
Kinsley replied that he didn’t think it would be an issue because
municipalities are exempt from that law, James Genrich stated not
under the bridge law. A question was asked what does Dave Martin
think, James Genrich replied that he felt we should get one for each
truck.  A question was asked who actually figured this out, who did it
come from that we need this extra axle, James replied “I did, when I
reviewed the bridge law” the comment was then that they just wondered
if it was a sales person from the company who suggested it.  James
replied it was not a sales person, that with the larger boxes if we
don’t put the extra axle in we could carry only half a load which
makes no sense.  Chairman Genrich asked David Kinsley if he would like
to amend his motion, he did not.  Chairman Genrich stated he would
like to amend David Kinsley’s motion to put the axles under both
trucks at this time at a cost of $5595. for each truck, second by
Helen Dennis, with 1 opposed, motion carried.    

New Business – A letter was received from Winter Cemetery Association
requesting their budgeted $3000.00, motion by Helen Dennis, second by
David Kinsley, motion carried.

A private road name change has been requested by Shawn Dennis off Old
J, the county asked us to approve this road name for a private road
“Camp Hi Lo Lane”.  There are no conflicts we are aware of, motion by
David Kinsley, second by James Genrich to approve the name of this
private road, motion carried.

Winter Little League representatives Robert Arntz and John Holm were
present, John Holm stated the concession stand floor is rotted and
needs replacement; it would involve lifting the building up moving it
aside pouring concrete and placing the building back on.
They offered to get prices for this work and asked if the town would
be willing to assist in the costs.  Helen Dennis asked about the
electrical lines when moving the building, which Dale Stotesbury
stated would not be a problem.  Helen also asked about their current
funds, the report presented indicates after expenses they would have
less than $600.00 in their account.  They also would like to replace
some of the broken fence with lattice.  Helen Dennis asked if they
have any fund raisers planned and offered to assist with them.  John
replied they wanted an OK from the town first for moving the building
and replacing the floor and then they would be planning fundraisers. 
Chairman Genrich asked them to get prices together for this work and
back to him before the June meeting.  A motion by Helen Dennis, second
by David Kinsley to approve the $500.00 budgeted donation for the
Little League, motion carried.

The town is in need of a new mower, the one we have was rebuilt
several years ago.  We have budgeted for this and have been looking
for an arm and new mower.  Diamond has a 60” mower head that came from
a dealership that went out of business; it’s approximately 2 years old
with only 10 hours use on it, base price for similar models is around
$14,000. and up.  We can get this without warranty for $4,500.00. 
It’s a head that will pin into our boom.  Even though it comes without
a warranty it’s an excellent buy and our crew can fix just about
anything if it did need work.  Motion by David Kinsley, second by
Helen Dennis to approve the purchase of the 60” rotary mower head from
Diamond for $4,500.00. motion carried.

Gravel Crushing proposals were opened and reviewed,  Antczak
Construction for 1 ¼” gravel was $2.81per yard, Petrie Crushing
for 1” gravel was $2.85 per yard,  Olynick Construction at $4.25 per
yard Merveden at $3.60 per yard.  1” max was requested from these
contractors.  Motion by Helen Dennis, second by David Kinsley to
accept Petrie Crushing Inc., motion carried.  

It was discussed that the Town establish something as a memorial for
Paul Petit to be placed at the parking lot by the Rustic Inn boat
landing as he was the person who donated the property for the parking
lot and other areas around Lake Winter.  Chairman Genrich asked for
comments from the audience, John Andrews suggested it be left up to
the discretion of the board.  Chairman Genrich stated we will report

County Supervisors reports.  Bill Voight District 12 spoke first
stating he’s been assigned to 4 County committees, Ag and Extension,
Forestry, Economic Development and Planning and the Courthouse
committee.   He spoke of Treelands request to construct a 75 unit
campsite across from Treelands near the Moss Creek area, it was a
controversial issue in the Round Lake community but was approved by
the Round Lake Township and passed through Zoning and will now go
before the County Board.   Warren Johnson then spoke, he stated the
county has a very strong finance committee the people who make up the
committee all come with finance backgrounds.  He stated the duplicate
road name changes meeting has not been scheduled yet so there have
been no changes from last report. A couple months ago the county board
set aside $25,000.00 for grant programs administered by the economic
development committee, looking at about $5000.00 sharing for projects,
maybe this could be used for the Winter baseball field and expanding
parking and picnic area.  He stated that there are two members on
economic development from the Town of Winter now so we will have two
of the five votes now so the chances of getting something approved now
may be better than before.
Forestry opened their bids yesterday they are almost $700,000.00
revenue was over budget, the budget was $1,000,500.00 and we have
$800,000.00 in already.  Regarding the ambulance, at the last public
safety meeting they were told there was another training that will
take place and that it will be held in the Town of Winter to make it
easier for people in this area to attend.  We need to get people cross
trained for these positions.  Regarding the transit buses, rather than
doing door stop taxi services, they have turned it into three routes
and if you want to get picked up you have to use one of the three
routes.  The balance of the county is still by call in and they will
try to accommodate the as well as possible. A brochure and a press
release will be coming soon.  There was additional discussion related
to lack of EMTs and the possibility of cross training our sheriff
deputies, everyone agrees there are no easy answers but something
needs to be done.  Bill Voight shared that the County would like to
purchase laptop computers for each county board member; he is not in
favor of it and feels that $8000.00 of tax dollars could be spent in
better ways.  Warren Johnson stated he was in favor of it.  A question
was asked about the transit buses entering other counties, are these
counties paying for the service, Warren Johnson stated yes and this is
a money maker for the county.

Correspondence / Contacts – Annual renewal of the resolution for
Chippewa Valley Bank as the official depository for the Town, motion
by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve Chippewa Valley
Bank as the official depository for the Town with James Genrich, Lori
Van Winkle and David Kinsley as signees, motion carried.

A thank you card was read from Mary Zmuda and family, whose husband
John was employed by the Town over 30 years, the Town sent flowers for
the funeral.

Motion by David Kinsley, second by Helen Dennis to approve the
disbursements as presented, motion carried.  Check # 15142 through
15178 in the amount of $21,996.39.  Account Balances as of April 30,
2012 – General Checking - $41,607.35, MMA Savings Account -
$294,159.77,  LGIP Machinery Acct - $4,880.45,  LGIP General Acct -
$76,874.15, Grand Total - $417,521.72.

Mike Gehrke expressed concerns with the new ATV trail on Hwy W
especially on the corner where the speed limit is 45 for automobiles
and 25 for ATVs, he feels since the ATVs are required to stay on the
pavement and may not hear an oncoming automobile especially a large
truck that there should be some kind of warning signs placed there
indicating a recreational trail.  Helen Dennis stated there are
certain signs that are permitted which have been placed by the ATV
club, the smaller orange signs, the State is telling us these signs
are not compliant because of size.  This has been discussed with the
ATV club and Tom Heizler.  We have done all we can from the town for

John Andrews asked about the Cemetery Association and if there has
been any further discussion about the Catholic Portion of the cemetery
being turned over to the association?  James Genrich and Helen Dennis
both attended the last cemetery meeting and it was discussed at that
meeting, they have no further information on it.

John Andrews also commented about the ambulance services, stating that
living in a sparsely populated remote area of the state has its
drawbacks and sometimes there are no answers that will satisfy
everyone.  We don’t get cell phone and television services that we
would like either and people need to realize these things.   

Mike Gehrke added one last comment that this is the best board the
town has ever had and that he loves attending the town meetings now.

Next meeting date was set for June 13, 2012.  Motion by Helen Dennis,
second by David Kinsley to adjourn, motion carried.

                           Lori Van Winkle Clerk                      
May 17, 2012



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