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November 11, 2015 Meeting minutes


ELECTORS MEETING MINUTES                                         
NOVEMBER 11, 2015

An Electors Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman David
Kinsley; Chairman Kinsley stated if there were any Veterans present he
would like to thank them for their service.  Board members Ronald
Barnaby and Terry Patenaude, clerk-treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 10
audience members were present.  Chairman Kinsley explained the purpose
of this meeting is for elector approval to exceed the allowable 2015
highway expenditures limit. 

Chairman Kinsley explained approximately 2 ½ months ago, the Town
began looking into updating our excavator.  The one we have is a 2006
model with 4300 hours on it and weve had some major issues with it in
the past and we were looking at trading it on a lease returned
excavator.  There were two models we were looking at but with the
process of meetings to discuss it etc. both of these machines had
already been sold.  Fabrick CAT came back to the Town with an offer to
reduce the price on a Brand New machine $10,000.00.  With that, it was
decided our best option was to purchase a new machine; this includes a
5 year warranty and other benefits that come with a new machine.  With
the purchase of this unit, it will increase our HWY expenditures for
2015 by $27,508.00 over the limit.  Chairman Kinsley asked if there
were any questions regarding this; Helen Dennis asked if current
implements would fit this new machine.  Chairman Kinsley replied that
all our other equipment is Cat and filters etc. are interchangeable. 
There were no other questions; Chairman Kinsley stated we need
approval from the electors present in a motion to exceed our 2015
Highway expenditures by $27,508.00.  A motion was made by Helen
Dennis, second by Warren Johnson, to approve exceeding the allowable
2015 Highway Expenditures by $27,508.00, motion carried. 

Chairman Kinsley thanked the people, then moved on to the Towns
regular scheduled monthly meeting.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING MINUTES                                       
 NOVEMBER 11, 2015

The regular business meeting of the Town of Winter Board of
Supervisors was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by Chairman David
Kinsley.  Present were board members Ronald Barnaby and Terry
Patenaude, clerk treasurer Lori Van Winkle and 10 audience members. 
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Chairman Kinsley stated if
anyone had questions or concerns as we proceed, to please raise your
hand and you will be recognized.

Motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by Terry Patenaude to approve the
agenda as presented, motion carried.

Motion by Terry Patenaude, second by Ronald Barnaby to approve the
meeting minutes from October 9th and 23rd, 2015 Special Meetings and
October 14, 2015 Regular meeting as presented, motion carried.

License/Zoning:  Renewal of Conditional use permit # 04-017 for R &
Ps Earth and Forest Works for the gravel pit on Lagoon Road.  All
board members are familiar with the location of the pit there were no
objections, motion by Terry Patenaude second by Ronald Barnaby to
approve the conditional use permit, motion carried.

Proposed amendment to Sawyer County Zoning ordinance section 4.42
Airport Zones / Adopt New Map replacing original map dated 9-11-75. 
The map was available for review.
Chairman Kinsley stated it has no real effect on our Township,
supervisor Patenaude added it is related to the Hayward Airport. 
Chairman Kinsley stated he had concerns approving this not knowing if
other townships that it does affect are in agreement with it. 
Supervisor Barnaby stated, he felt that was a valid point.   Audience
member Warren Johnson stated, county clerk Kris Mayberry sent this out
to everyone.  He added they had a very expensive expansion added to
the airport and as a result it required changing the ordinance and it
does affect everybody if the airport is to stay open; he recommended
the board approve it.  Lori read the letter from County Zoning out
loud to the audience.  Chairman Kinsley stated he still feels we need
to know how it could affect the other townships prior to voting on it.
 Supervisor Patenaude stated if we do not vote on it, it would most
likely be considered we voted no.  Chairman Kinsley motioned to table
a vote on this for now, second by Ronald Barnaby motion carried.

Highway / Road Report:  Gravel work is completed on several roads. 
Next week they will begin preparations with snow removal equipment. 
Depending upon the weather the crew may take a few days off during
hunting season.  

There was no unfinished business to discuss.

New Business:  Implements of Husbandry Ordinance.  Chairman Kinsley
stated this was adopted two years ago and it was noted then there
could be additional changes in the future.  At that time we chose
option F which is the default under the law.  Since we chose option F
then, Chairman Kinsley asked if the board feels it would be necessary
to make any changes to a different option.  The board feels the
current option F is appropriate therefore there is nothing to act
upon, no changes are necessary.

Correspondence / Contacts:  Notice was received that Sawyer County did
approve the zoning change for Ralph H. Petit from RR 1 to AG 1 to
enhance his gravel pit.  WTA has provided by email recent legislative
alerts.  The Lakes Alliance notified the Town they are no longer
capable of installing and removing the buoys on Lake Winter where the
cement pillars are located under the water.  They also discussed this
with local warden Tom Heisler.  The Lakes Alliance stated since this
is not a natural occurrence on the lake, it is possible there could be
some liability and the town may want to replace these buoys and or
attach something more permanent.  Chairman Kinsley stated this is
something we will need to look at in the spring.    There have been
several inquiries for snowplowing of driveways; Supervisor Barnaby has
been inspecting them to be sure they meet criteria for plowing. 
Chairman Kinsley responded by letter to property owners with questions
about their land being land locked he provided information and
suggestions to help resolve their issues.  We also addressed another
land owner who has not been cooperative with USDA wildlife reps on a
nuisance beaver complaint.  Lori was in touch with WTA attorneys
regarding this and land owners who do not cooperate can be held liable
for damage to our town roads, we sent these owners a letter with the
hope they will cooperate.

Dan Schauder was given the floor to speak regarding the LorettaTrail
Blazers request and approval from Sawyer County to open CTY HWY W from
M east to the Price County Line for ATV use.  Maps were provided to
board members and all were familiar with the area. Dan stated this is
a 9.1 mile stretch. This has been discussed with all permanent land
and business owners and there were no objections.  Dan also stated the
Club would be responsible for all signage and maintenance of the signs
on the route.  Chairman Kinsley stated it was his understanding that
Sawyer County had approved it and if our board was also in favor of
it, the Town would provide a letter stating this.  There were no
objections from our board members; Lori will draft a letter to the
club regarding this.  A question was asked from an audience member how
one would go about getting a road open for recreational use.  Chairman
Kinsley replied the request should be brought to the snowmobile or ATV
club first and the club will proceed through the appropriate Town,
County etc.  

Approval of Disbursements:  Chairman Kinsley asked if there were any
questions on the disbursements.  He commented that our gravel crushing
bill and crack sealing bills were included in the disbursements and
both were what had been approved.  There were no questions, motion by
David Kinsley, second by Ronald Barnaby to approve the disbursements
as presented, motion carried.   Check # 17426 through Check # 17442
was approved in the amount of $51,598.58.  Account Balances
10-31-2015, General Checking $34,809.87, MMA account balance
LGIP account balance $183,109.69.

Board Concerns:  There were no board concerns.  

Next meeting date was set December 9, 2015 and the Budget Meeting is
next Wednesday November 18, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Audience member Dan Johnson asked about a request from Darwin Hintz to
open Pine Road for ATV use.  Darwin was in the audience and replied he
would go through the proper procedure to pursue this and contact the
club first.  Dan responded that we are the club and if we can bring it
up now, they (THE CLUB) could add it to their agenda for their next
meeting which is what they will do.

Motion by Ronald Barnaby to second by David Kinsley to adjourn the
meeting, motion carried. 
                                                 Lori Van Winkle,
                                                 November 13, 2015



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