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November 9, 2011 Regular Monthly Meeting


Monthly Meeting                                                       
November 9, 2011

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors
was called to order on November 9, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman James
Genrich, Present were Supervisors David Kinsley and Helen Dennis,
clerk Lori Van Winkle and 6 citizens. Chairman Genrich welcomed
everyone; the pledge of allegiance was recited.    A motion was made
by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the agenda,
motion carried.

Regarding the number of meeting minutes, Chairman Genrich stated there
were several working budget meetings in October.  A motion was made by
Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to approve the meeting minutes
from Oct. 11, 12, 18, 20 and 28, 2011,  Motion carried        

Two operatorsí licenses were presented, a motion was made by David
Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis, to approve the licenses, motion

Chairman Genrich gave the road report; Blacktopping has been done on
Perch and Pine Lane.  Overlays have been done on Tower, Lake Winter,
Keehn, Universal and a portion of Black Dan Road.  Also a small
section on Adams Road.  Shoulders are being graveled and shaped up

Monarchs Blacktop Proposal for culvert replacements on Lake Winter
Road near Tenecyks is $2,837.00 and Barker Lake Road is $3,140.00.  A
motion was made by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve
these with payment issued upon completion of the work in the spring. 
Motion carried.

David Kinsley mentioned he had a request for Bissel Grade to be shaped
up prior to freeze up, which had already been completed last Friday.

Chairman Genrich, mentioned that we now have a drop box at the town
hall to leave correspondence in the event the hall is closed.  The
case with Windsorís related to the fishing dock on Lake Winter has
been dismissed without prejudice with no dollars exchanged.  A citizen
asked if the dock will remain there.  Yes it will, however the dock
has been pulled from the water for the winter months and the gate will
remain locked.

The Town Budget Ė Levy Meeting has been set for November 17, 2011 at
7:00 p.m.
Copies of the budget are available tonight, chairman Genrich
encouraged people to attend to address questions related to the

County Supervisors report Ė Warren Johnson reported county budget was
passed with the levy limit remaining the same as it has been for the
past three years.   The revisions to Natural Resources Regulation 115
have been made; they were put into the new zoning ordinance at the
last meeting.  Refinance of the jail passed which saved $265,000.00. 
They have proposals for pay off on some other items which will be a
saving to the county.  They have added $226,000.00 of surplus land
back on to the tax roll.  A negative item, the County approved the
purchase of 84 acres of land in the Town of Hayward near the Birkie
Trail, itís assessed value is $120,000.00, Market value is $113,000.00
and the County offered $184,000.00, there were only 3 board members
who voted against it, but luckily the owner changed their mind and the
county will not be purchasing this property.  Regarding elections for
next year, nomination papers can be taken out Dec.1, 2011 and must be
filed by Tuesday, January 3, 2013.  Districts have changed; Warren
pointed the wards out on the maps to illustrate his area for Ward 1
and Mel Olsonís area for Ward 2.  A question was asked of Warren if he
had a ballpark figure of whatís in the surplus funds for the county. 
He states their auditor would like them to keep approximately 3 months
supply (normal expenses) on the books.  Theyíve worked hard to cut
their expenses and revenues are up and they are in pretty good shape. 
 Another question was asked what road names will be changed? Warren
responded that what will happen is uncertain as they are still working
on that with the towns and there really hasnít been a lot of
discussion on it, but he has informed them that there has been a lot
of discernment from this end of the county on it.  Warren stated there
were 3 people on that committee who passed it for safety reasons but
now the problems are coming in.  Chairman Genrich expressed that we
have addressed our concerns to the county.  David Kinsley also added
that after our meeting with Sheriff Kelsey last month, there didnít
seem to be any issues they were aware of, so what are the issues? 
Warren states he hopes it will be revisited before anything final is
done.  Helen Dennis expressed that the postal service also has
concerns, Warren stated that 3 people got together and made a decision
without a lot of input from the business or others and didnít think
about the problems it would cause just that for safety reasons they
should be changed.  Chairman Genrich read the letter showing 218 roads
and 1222 address will be affected and some are businesses.  Otter Lane
was also mentioned on the list which is not a town road, itís a
private road.  Chairman Genrich thanked Warren Johnson for his

A letter was read by clerk Lori Van Winkle from the Harvest of Friends
Food Pantry requesting donations for their program challenge. 
Numerous comments from the public were made and it was agreed that
itís a very tough decision, however, most felt it is more of an
individuals decision to donate, not a Township decision.  The town
should not be spending tax payer money on donations and we will be
revisiting that with all requests for donations in the future.  By a
show of hands the majority were not in favor of a donation to the
Harvest of Friends Food Pantry at this time, a motion was made by
Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to postpone a decision until a
later date and it will be revisited in March of 2012, motion carried. 
Warren Johnson also suggested that since we have made donations to
others in the past, perhaps we could consider a token donation of
$50.00.  Helen Dennis expressed that in the past it was automatic that
the town donate to certain organizations and that in the future, these
organizations will be required to show need and a financial report
prior to the Towns budget meeting so if a decision is made to make a
donation it can be worked into the budget.    Things are tough all
over and there are many organizations that need help, and there are
problems when we give donations and find out later that organization
has a healthy surplus of funds in the bank.

The Chamber of Commerce has requested that we join the Chamber as a
member for an annual $15.00 fee.  There are other towns listed as
members.  The Town of Winter is listed in the Chamber directory;
however our phone number is not listed.  David Kinsley asked what the
benefit would be to join.  It appears that our phone number would then
be included.  Chairman Genrich asked for the boards opinion, David
Kinsley was not in favor of it, as there were no advantages he could
see and if we joined this there will be others requesting membership
and then where do we stop.  Helen Dennis asked the audience who would
be in favor, by a show of hands the majority were in favor.  Helen
Dennis made a motion to join the Chamber as a member with a $15.00
annual membership fee, seconded by Chairman Genrich, motion carried.

General Public concerns, Richard Biebl mentioned that we may hear some
complaints on West Barber Road as it is getting quite washboard.  The
board thought it had been graded last week and they will get to work
on it immediately.  

The next board meeting was set for December 14, 2011.

The approval of disbursements was in advertently missed on tonightís
agenda.  Chairman Genrich states we do now have the alternate claims
procedure in effect, to allow the clerk to pay bills.  A motion was
made by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley that we will approve
the disbursements on the meeting on November 17, 2011. motion

There being no further business, a motion was made by David Kinsley,
seconded by Helen Dennis to adjourn the meeting. 
                          Lori Van Winkle, Clerk                      
                     November 16, 2011



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