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October 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                                       
                              OCTOBER 12, 2016

The regular business meeting of the Town of Winter was called to order
at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were board members
Ronald Barnaby and Terry Patenaude, clerk-treasurer Lori Van Winkle
and 2 audience members.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and
Chairman Kinsley welcomed everyone.

Motion by Barnaby, second by Patenaude  to approve the agenda as
presented, motion carried.

Chairman Kinsley stated if there are any questions from the audience
please raise your hand to be recognized.

Motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the meeting minutes
from September 14, 2016 as presented, motion carried.

License / Zoning:  Regarding the zoning change from C-1 to RR-2 for
David King/Constance Hebzynski at 5598W Log Lodge Road, the board was
familiar with the property and the owners request to change this to a
residence rather than a business and had no objections.  Motion by
Barnaby, second by Kinsley to approve the zoning change, motion

Highway / Road Report: Chairman Kinsley reported the crew has been
hauling gravel, Gary finished the job for the State Forest and will be
moving onto Sundling Road and then shouldering will begin on Lake
Winter Road.  5 or 6 culverts were replaced out by Thornapple last
week and they were able to do some blading.  Things are going well,
there haven’t been any breakdowns.   Patenaude reported that the
Mastic was done on Barker Lake Road, but he hadn’t been out to inspect
it yet, Barnaby added that he was out that way and it looked good.

Unfinished business:  There was none

New Business:  There will be no action on item a for the lease renewal
of the Archery Club as it was discovered they still had two more years
on the lease.   The agreement states they have wait until the end of
the lease to request a renewal.

Donna Knuckey representing the Winter Library was given the floor. 
The proposed 2017 Library budget packets were given to the Town Board
members prior to the meeting.  Donna stated it was also given to the
Sawyer County Administrator in August and the Library  will be
notified in November on the amount of funding they will receive from
the County.  Donna stated it is uncertain from year to year what they
will receive from the county but it was nice last year to receive a
3.5% increase and she has requested the same amount for 2017 of 
$55,226.00,  but it is possible it could be less.  The Library is to
be partially funded by the County and they are to seek other funding
which they are doing through grants, seeking donations, financial
support through municipalities etc.  A lot of the funding they receive
depends upon what is available in grants etc. Donna reported their
Color Run fundraiser was very successful with the majority done
through sponsors. Donna stated they do receive numerous donations from
clubs and residents which includes seasonal residents too and that
they are very fortunate to be supported so well and heavily by our
community.  The kids program planted a vegetable garden behind the
library and maintained it all summer and tonight had a vegetable soup
dinner made from their garden vegetables.  The staff has attended a
dementia training program to learn how to assist those patrons they
may experience dementia issues.  With that training the Library is now
considered a dementia friendly business. Through a materials grant
with WITC in Ashland they received “memory boxes” which are filled
with local history or fishing lures etc., these boxes assist in
keeping stimulation going to the brain which allows their connections
to remain better.  Donna said there are many different things for all
ages offered at our Library. Donna thanked the Town for their past
support and asked if we would support them in 2016 and to please keep
the library in mind when doing our 2017 budget.  Chairman Kinsley
stated we do have support funds budgeted for the Library for 2016 and
asked for a motion to release those funds.  Motion by Barnaby, second
by Patenaude to release the 2016 budgeted funds to the library, motion
carried.  Donna thanked the Town and Ron Barnaby thanked Donna for all
your great work.

Correspondence and Contacts:  A letter was received from the Sawyer
County Treasurer regarding a tax collector bond as referenced in WI
Stats 70.67 to insure taxing jurisdictions receive their fair share of
the local property taxes from the municipality.  The statute does
allow an exemption to the bond through a municipal ordinance.  The
Town of Winter did an ordinance in November of 1985 exempting a
treasures bond to the county, which remains the same, therefore no
action is required.    

Approval of Disbursements:  There were no questions regarding the
disbursements, motion by Patenaude, second by Barnaby to approve the
disbursements as presented, motion carried.  CK# 18033 through 18050
were approved in the amount of $28,916.06. 

Board Concerns:  Chairman Kinsley advised that our crew has a 1 year
contract with the union and its approaching that time of year for
negotiations, he asked if there was anything the board would like to
discuss regarding this.  He went on to say that with State rules/laws
we are limited on a pay increase based upon the Consumer Price Index,
which equals .15 cents per hour.  Because the crew continues to do
such a good job, he would like to see them receive more than that in
one form or another. Supervisor Barnaby agreed stating what a great
job they do and for their dedication to their job. Chairman Kinsley
agreed stating their dedication and experience are a big part and
stated he would like to see them get a pay increase of .50 cents per
hour and asked how they felt about that.  Supervisor Barnaby stated he
felt that was a fair amount.  Chairman Kinsley asked supervisor
Patenaude his thoughts on it who replied that around there and added
that he had different thoughts on it because he is in a different
situation but stated they still deserve it.  Patenaude added that it’s
hard because of the rules that we have to do it in different ways to
get around it.  Kinsley stated that is how it has to be done, by
increasing the contribution to their pension or by adding more to
their clothing allowance.  Kinsley asked if we are in agreement with
this, would you like him to contact the union rep or do you want to
set up a meeting with the rep?  Barnaby stated if we are in agreement,
perhaps just getting ahold of the union rep would be good enough,
Patenaude agreed.  Chairman Kinsley said he will contact the rep the
first of the week.  Chairman Kinsley asked if there were any other
board concerns to discuss.  Barnaby stated he did have one other
thing, that he would like to see is that our temporary worker get a
wage increase too, stating the rate is $13.00 currently and there are
no benefits of any kind and he would like to see that wage go to
$15.00 an hour because he is knowledgeable, he can come at the drop of
a hat and that means a lot to the town to get someone dependable and
available like that.  It was decided this be placed on the agenda for
the next meeting at which time they should have more information to
report from the union rep also.

Chairman Kinsley announced Open Book will be held on October 25th and
26th and Board of Review on November 4th.  

The next meeting date was set for November 9, 2016. 

With no further business to discuss, motion by Barnaby, second by
Kinsley to adjourn, motion carried, meeting was adjourned.
                                                    Lori Van Winkle,
Clerk  -  October 24, 2016


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