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September 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes


Monthly Meeting                                                       
                                              September 14, 2011

A regular monthly meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors
was called to order on September 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman
James Genrich with all board members and 16 citizens in attendance. 
Chairman Genrich welcomed everyone; the pledge of allegiance was

David Kinsley made a motion, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the
agenda, motion carried.

David Kinsley made a motion seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the
meeting minutes from August 10, 2011, motion carried.  

Three operators licenses were presented for approval all fees are paid
and background checks were good.  A motion was made by Helen Dennis,
seconded by David Kinsley to approve the operators’ licenses.

There are no zoning issues to be presented.

The Town would like to petition Sawyer County for the 50/50 cost share
for culvert replacements a motion was made by Helen Dennis, seconded
by David Kinsley to approve the Towns petition to Sawyer County for
the 50/50 cost share for culvert replacements.  The total costs of
replacements are $4772.72 with the towns share at $2386.36.

The Town would like to petition the State of WI for 80/20 share flood
aid for flood damage on 8-1-2011
on the Thornapple at two locations.  Total cost to repair 1st location
is $12,967.72 and the second location is $9,313.74 a grand total of
$22,281.46.  The town’s cost share at first location will be $2593.54
and second location $1862.75.  When work is completed we submit the
completed applications to the State for reimbursement.  A motion was
made by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the
petition to the State of Wisconsin for 80/20 cost share for flood aid
from the 8-1-11 washouts, motion carried.  Chairman Genrich explained
that approximately 200’ of the road was washed out; they have
bulldozed it to make it passable and will get the work done soon.

Petrie Crushing has been crushing for the town and we need more
breaker run; since Petrie is already set up, the charge to crush 1500
yards of breaker run will be $2.50 per yard.  Helen Dennis made a
motion to approve 1500 yards of breaker run gravel at $2.50 per yard,
seconded by David Kinsley, motion carried.

The Flambeau State Forest has requested loading, hauling and leveling
with the Town grader 9500 yards of gravel on Bear Lane, Hines Rd. and
Price Creek Rd.  The gravel belongs to the State, we are just doing
the work for them at $5.85 per yard, the contract price is $55,400.00 
  A motion was made by Helen Dennis, seconded by David Kinsley to
approve the hauling of 9500 yards of gravel for the Flambeau State
Forest, motion carried.  This work has been delayed the past 2 years
due to weather conditions. This year the weather has been favorable.

The town is in need of updating their Comprehensive Planning Board, we
have appointed the following people for the board, Steve Schultz will
remain as the board chairman, Tom High and Brad Wildes have been
appointed to a 2 year term and John Andrews and Steve Helmers have
been appointed to a 3 year term, making this a 5 member board that
takes effect immediately.  David Kinsley made a motion to approve the
people appointed to the Comprehensive Planning Board, seconded by
Helen Dennis, motion carried.

The town would like to implement EFT (electronic funds tranfers) for
paying bills with those companies that participate; it will be more
efficient saving time, postage and supplies.  Helen Dennis made a
motion to approve the EFT payment method, seconded by David Kinsley,
motion carried.

Effective November 1, 2011 the concealed weapons law will be effective
in WI, it is recommended that towns, cities and villages have an
ordinance in place that NO WEAPONS are allowed in the Town Hall or
Town Shop, a motion was made by David Kinsley, seconded by Helen
Dennis to approve an ordinance regarding NO WEAPONS allowed in the
Town Hall or Town Shop buildings.  

At our August 10th, 2011 meeting we postponed the placement of a
double wide mobile home do to lack of information, we did receive the
information from the owner and it was sent to the County Zoning for

For information only, the town is considering paying off the Fire Dept
loan for the Rescue Truck in the amount of $57,831.66.  The towns’
share of the payoff would be $53,124.16 and the Village payoff would
be $4707.50.  The town has the funds available for payoff and the
savings in interest would be $7,454.00.  we’d like to do this by
September 28, 2011.  This leaves only one loan remaining for the Fire
Department on the building.

Chairman Genrich informed everyone that the town office painting has
been completed and cabinets installed.  He offered a Big Thank You to
Donna Stotesbury, Helen Dennis and Lori Van Winkle who donated 2 +
days painting the office.  David Kinsley admits he’s not a painter and
made a donation that purchased lunch for all of us both days.  The Ed
Sheridan family donated all the paint and supplies.   One additional
wall cabinet was purchased through a scratch and dent special.
Curtains, rods and materials for decor were purchased.  Approximately
$250.00 was the cost to the town; all the other supplies, paint and
time were donated.  A big Thank You to everyone.  

WTA is sponsoring a Budget/Finance Workshop on 9-22-11 in Cable,
Chairman Genrich and Lori would like to attend this and ask for
approval for the cost workshop.  A motion was made by David Kinsley,
seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the costs for us to attend the
workshop, motion carried.

In the last month after review of the Towns Workers Compensation
policy and audit, the town has received in refunds $1776.00.  We have
also received a dividend refund in the amount of $1556.00 based upon
low claims activity and our recent audit.  The Town has saved $3300.00
+ on the Workers Compensation policy.  

Town of Cedar Rapids has requested the Town to haul gravel for them
from their Cedar Rapids pit; the distance of hauling is approximately
4 miles.  It would be approximately 4000 yards of gravel on West Lane
in their Town.  Our proposal was to load, haul and level gravel at
$4.25 a yard which equals $17,000.00, a response has been received
with approval to go ahead, we will be working on that sometime in
October once they have their permits in place.

Helen Dennis read a letter received from Pat Sanchez from Sawyer
County Search and Rescue requesting donations toward the purchase of
equipment needed for their Project Life Saver program.  It was agreed
that it would be best if Pat come to our October Meeting to explain
more about it.  Lori will contact Pat regarding attending the October
meeting.  Discussion followed that perhaps it would be more
appropriate to request the donations through the search and rescue
program rather than the town however it was believed that letters have
been sent to each municipality requesting support.

David Kinsley made a motion, seconded by Helen Dennis to approve the
disbursements as presented, motion carried.  Chairman Genrich
explained the large expense was for gravel crushing.

A question was asked about the status of the Road Name changes the
county has proposed.  It is still at the county level and our
understanding is they have experienced some opposition with some of
the changes because there are families that have resided on these
roads for generations with the roads names after their family and also
because of the inconvenience of having to change addresses on
everything.  If anyone has concerns or reasons a road name should not
be changed, we recommend that you contact the county; we have
addresses and phone numbers available if needed.  The changes have not
passed the county board at this time.

Chairman Genrich stated that the Fire Board Budget Meeting will be
tomorrow night 9-15-11 at the Fire Hall at 7:00 pm.  A question was
asked if there are any preliminary budget numbers available yet,
Chairman Genrich explained that with our input the board has received
three revised budgets.  Chairman Genrich expressed he’d prefer to
discuss any questions at the Fire Board meeting tomorrow night and
encouraged everyone with questions to attend the budget meeting
tomorrow night.

The next meeting date was set for October 12, 2011.  There being no
further business to discuss, David Kinsley made a motion, seconded by
Helen Dennis to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned.

                                        Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                                        September 23, 2011


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