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September 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes


MEETING MINUTES                                          SEPTEMBER 9,

A regular meeting of the Town of Winter Board of Supervisors was
called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman David Kinsley.  Present were
board members Ronald Barnaby and Terry Patenaude, clerk-treasurer Lori
Van Winkle and 4 audience members.  The Pledge of Allegiance was
recited and Chairman Kinsley welcomed everyone.

Motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by Terry Patenaude to approve the
agenda as presented, motion carried.

Motion by Terry Patenaude, second by Ronald Barnaby to approve the
August 12, 2015 meeting minutes as presented, motion carried.

License/Zoning:  Approval of rezone application from RR1 to AG1 for
Ralph H. Petit. It was verified there were no objections received from
anyone, motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by Terry Patenaude to approve
the rezone application, motion carried. 

Robert Kuckenbecker applied for renewal of his operator license and
has met all requirements, motion by Ronald Barnaby, second by David
Kinsley, to approve the renewal of his operator license, motion

Highway / Road Report:   Crew has been busy with ditching, shouldering
and hauling gravel north.  Chairman Kinsley will contact the rep
regarding crack sealing and when they will begin.

Unfinished Business:   Discuss/Approve Gravel Crushing proposals –
there were only two proposal received, first one opened is from Golat
& Engel, 7500 yards, ¾ minus $3.00 per yard.   The second
proposal is from Antczak Construction, for the same work is $3.72 per
yard.  Neither will be doing any stripping, the town has always done
that themselves. An audience comment stated as a tax payer they voted
for the $3.00 per yard proposal.  Motion by David Kinsley, second by
Ronald Barnaby to accept Golat & Engel proposal at $3.00 per yard to
crush 7500 yards, motion carried. Crushing will take place behind the
Town shop.

Update on the AED signs: Helen Dennis emailed a photo to share with
the board of an actual AED sign that has been placed, Chairman Kinsley
explained that at the bottom of the sign in the white boxed area is
where the defibrillator location is noted, in this case, it reads
Flambeau Forest Inn, their address and phone number.  These signs will
be placed at Big Bear and Connors Lake beach and campground. The cost
the Town agreed to pay for the signs is $163.46.

New Business:  Tuscobia Trails ATV Club request to open Canestorp and
Clayton roads for ATV use.  Lori read out loud the entire ordinance
for the public.  Audience member Steve Koosmann representing the ATV
Club agreed to the language and stated their club will be responsible
for all signage as noted in the language of the ordinance.  There were
no other questions or comments.  Motion by Terry Patenaude, second by
Ronald Barnaby to approve Canestorp Road and Clayton Road for ATV use,
motion carried.  Terry Patenaude asked Steve how many more roads he
thought the club will open, Terry stated he felt almost all of them
should be opened, but he knew sign costs would probably be an issue. 
Steve agreed stating due to the size of the Town of Winter it would
probably be best to pursue it as it comes up, so it’s not such a large
expense all at once.  Terry stated it would seem better for those
people who do not know if a road is open or not know how to go about
it to get it open that it would just be easier to have them all open. 
Steve stated it would be nice but it would be costly all at once and
the he did not have a problem coming to the meetings like we’ve been
doing it.  Chairman Kinsley stated he feels the procedure now has been
working fine and to his knowledge we have not denied any requests the
ATV club has brought to us.  

4 Wheelin Warriors ATV Club request to approve HWY W to M from
Thornapple Grade for ATV use:  Chairman Kinsley stated this is a
county road and has already been approved by the county; Penny Zeidler
representing the club was in the audience and stated they were advised
to contact the towns on this too.  Chairman Kinsley motioned to
approve this, second by Ronald Barnaby, motion carried.  Penny asked
for a letter from the Town to provide to the County, Lori will provide
a letter to them.

Loretta Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club request to open Schmidt Road for
snowmobile use.   The club provided a map of the current trail and
proposed trail for the boards review, there were no issues noted,
motion by Ronald Barnaby second by Terry Patenaude to approve opening
Schmidt Road for snowmobile use, motion carried.  

Approve 2016 Fire Department Budget:  Chairman Kinsley stated the Fire
Board had reviewed and approved their budget at the last Fire Board
meeting.  The Towns share of the Fire Departments budget will be
$73,029.11 which is up a little due to increases in the Towns
evaluation.  Terry Patenaude stated that the whole Fire Department
Boards budget was the same but the Towns portion went up.  Motion by
Terry Patenaude, second by Ronald Barnaby to approve the 2016 Fire
Department Budget, motion carried.  

Discuss and or act on Town Employment Road Crew Vacancy:  Chairman
Kinsley stated since Bob Melchert retired, there have been several
inquiries for the position so he put it on the agenda for discussion. 
Chairman Kinsley stated that with a two man crew and part time help
they have completed a lot of work this summer and in his opinion he
feels we could leave it as is through the winter and in the spring
possibly consider hiring full time help.  Chairman Kinsley asked Terry
his thoughts, Terry said he would like to hire someone right away,
because not knowing for sure if someone else would be retiring this
way we would have someone in training already and maybe look at not
filling that position if someone else retires, he added for the miles
of road and driveways we have to keep up the good service for the
people.  Chairman Kinsley stated it depends on what kind of winter we
have as things are slower in the winter months when snow plowing is
down.  Chairman Kinsley stated years ago we had older equipment that
was always in need of repair and things took longer to get done.  With
our more reliable equipment now, there are less breakdowns and less
maintenance than in the past.  Ronald Barnaby stated with the new
trucks with plows we are plowing much faster now than when they used
the loader and graders.  Ronald stated he agreed with Chairman Kinsley
and thought we could wait until after the first of the year to hire
someone.  Audience member Al Te Paske asked if the Town had looked
into the cost to contract with someone for snow plowing on an on call
basis?  Chairman Kinsley stated no they had not, Al asked if we would
be interested in it, Chairman Kinsley said he did not think so since
we already have all the equipment to do this for our town.   Terry
Patenaude stated he would like to stick with 3 people now and stated
he knew it would probably be a lot of work but we should look back and
figure out how long it took 3 people to plow the roads verses 2 people
because he hated to see the people out in Connors Lake area have to
wait an extra day because we don’t want to hire someone.  Chairman
Kinsley responded, stating he did not say he doesn’t want to hire
someone, that he has talked with Dave Martin and it is usually the
second day before they get to Connors Lake area and Dave seems to feel
they can still be out there the second day to plow the roads and there
are no school buses out in that area.  Al Tepaske stated this was true
and as far as an ambulance there are not too many people off the
County Roads down there and the County is good about getting the roads
done.  Kurt Swedberg asked what if you have 2 or 3 days with 6-8” of
snow on the roads?  Chairman Kinsley replied that anything is
possible...Kurt responded that I think you need to have 3 people to
keep up.  Al Te Paske asked if we have anyone lined up, Chairman
Kinsley replied no, we have not advertised but there have been people
stopping asking Lori what is going on, we’ve given job application
forms out and received a few back.  Al Te Paske added that the Town
does not plow any driveways in the Connors Lake area and most people
out there have 4 wheel drives so that is another plus.  Terry
Patenaude stated the only reason he is in favor of 3 people is the
possibility of another one retiring and we could get someone in there
trained good and that is why he would like to keep 3 and he’d make a
motion to hire someone to keep 3 or put an ad in the paper.  Chairman
Kinsley stated we have a motion by Terry Patenaude to fill the vacancy
and asked for a second, there were no seconds to the motion, motion
failed.  Chairman Kinsley made a motion to keep it as is with 2 crew
members and use part time help when needed as it has worked well so
far, and look at hiring a replacement by spring, Ronald Barnaby second
that motion, Terry Patenaude was opposed, motion carried.

Correspondence/Contacts:  Chamber Dinner and dues notice was received,
dinner is September 21st at MK’s Rustic Inn, WTA Fall Finance/Budget
Class registration, Lori will attend September 15th and office will be
closed.  Sawyer County tabled the approval of Tod Torgersons gravel
pit.  A phone call was received from a concerned citizen that the Town
should eliminate the 14th liquor license now available as there are
too many in the Town now.  Chairman Kinsley stated he noticed less
business at many of the locations they go and it has been tough for
many.  Lori will contact Department of Revenue regarding this. The
extra license the Town has was from the Wolf’s Den and the bank turned
it back to the Town.  A question was asked if the Bumble Bee had a
license.  Lori explained they have a holding license which is allowed
by DOR.  The owner pays the same fees to keep the license and it can
be sold with the property.  Al Te Paske commented he thought the Town
had an ordinance stating that any liquor license issued by the Town
had to be operated 30 days of the year to keep the license unless the
business was for sale.  Chairman Kinsley stated he was not aware of
that, Lori stated she was will look into it and stated in this case
with the Bumble Bee the business is for sale, per the owner.  A
complaint was received about people crossing private property to get
to the river on Keehn road and leaving garbage etc. Chairman Kinsley
will be meeting with a property owner about a water run off problem on
Dobbert Road on Monday.  Chairman Kinsley spoke with Rusk Co Farm
Supply regarding LP for the Winter season with the volume we use he
was able to secure truck price the day of delivery but not to exceed
$1.09 per gallon, this is approximately .50 cents less per gallon than
last year and pay as we go, prepay not required. 

Approval of Disbursements:  There were no questions regarding the
disbursements, motion by David Kinsley, second by Ronald Barnaby to
approve the disbursements as presented, motion carried.  Check # 17344
through 17359 was approved in the amount of $16,025.35.  Account
Balances 8-31-15, General Checking $10,939.26, MMA account balance
$299,876.63, LGIP account balance $103,128.61.

Board Concerns: Terry Patenaude asked if the Town ever sold the
Equipment truck, we have not, Chairman Kinsley stated we had not
forgotten about it, he just spoke with Dave Martin for a description
of the truck and we will look at advertising online.  There was
discussion related to the complaint of people crossing private
property to get to river on Keehn Road, it has been assumed for years
that the town road was the access to the river; Chairman Kinsley
stated in review of our town maps, the Town road does not go all the
way down there.  It was suggested that there may be a strip of land in
that area that has always been a way for people to get to the river
which may fall under imminent domain, the board will look into this
further.  Lori mentioned this was not the first complaint regarding
this, the owners had plants dug up, there were garbage and beer cans
left on premise too, it was agreed that kind of activity was not
acceptable.  Terry Patenaude mentioned a CPR class at School on Sept.
16th and asked if he could look into prices on a salt sand shed with
it being budget time, there were no objections. There were no other
comments or concerns, Chairman Kinsley motioned to adjourn, second by
Ronald Barnaby, motion carried.

                                       Lori Van Winkle, Clerk
                                       September 16, 2015


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